An English actor and vocalist by the name of Timothy James Curry. He gained notoriety for playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the 1975 movie adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a character he had previously played in the 1973 London and 1974 Los Angeles musical stage performances of the same play.

Although Tim Curry is less noticeable these days due to his declining health, the renowned Rocky Horror Picture Show performer is still crushing it on stage and on television.

Since having a severe stroke in July 2012, Curry has ridden in a wheelchair. Due to this, he now focuses primarily on voice acting, however, he still sings live and still makes appearances at fan events.

Tim Curry’s Health Update: Does He Still Needs a Wheelchair?

Tim Curry’s health issues started in the early months of 2011 when he withdrew from a few theatre plays due to his condition. Curry had a stroke in July 2012, but it was almost a full year before anyone learned of his condition.

According to his agent Marcia Hurwitz, Tim suffered a stroke in July of last year. “He has been attending physical therapy and is doing fantastically well. He still has a terrific sense of humor. Everyone’s well wishes are appreciated, he says.

Tim Curry Illness

Curry was anticipated to fully recover from his stroke. At the 2015 Tony Awards, he said to Los Angeles Magazine, “I’m doing fine. According to Tim, keeping a sense of humor was “extremely important” to his recuperation. It’s not difficult to maintain, he claimed. I just have it in my DNA,

Tim met fans at a Manchester gathering called For The Love of Horror 4 in October 2021. Tim is still confined to a wheelchair, as seen in event photos.

Curry still seems to be sick, yet he still seems to be full of life. Tim Curry likes to see the positive side of things, according to a quotation from Tim Curry News:

I do my best to see the positive side of things since, in my opinion, seeing the negative side of things makes you boring and annoying and isn’t much fun. And everyone has a personal obligation to do that, in my opinion.

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Is Tim Curry Featuring in Upcoming Films or Television Programs?

Tim Curry Illness

Curry still entertains audiences in spite of his health concerns, but in roles that are less terrifying than his terrifying portrayal on Criminal Minds. Curry will play Necrofer the Death Bringer, a demonic hitman ordered to kill the title character, Dagon, in the upcoming dark fantasy animated film Dagon: Troll World Chronicles.

Currently, in production, the film isn’t scheduled for release until some time in 2022. Tim Curry continues to appear at fan events, such as the upcoming Monsterpalooza, despite the fact that he has no planned live-action gigs.

Curry has spent the last ten years doing voice work for video games and cartoons and has even returned to the stage to sing tunes from his historic career. This suggests that if his health improves, fans may see a return to form for the “Sweet Transvestite” himself.

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Tim Curry is well known actor and singer. He has contributed a lot to the film industry and still working in it. He is best known for his role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He has faced a lot of health issues in between his career, but still he shines with the same charm and clay.

Tim Curry’s health problems began in early 2011 when he dropped out of a couple of stage productions citing ill health. Just after a year, a news blown up that Curry suffered from a major stroke, which left him on a wheelchair for years and years. well, his passion towards the work never let him face any downfall, he came back after few years and shifted his work mostly to voice acting. He is one of the most aspiring artists in the industry

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