A British actor and musician, Paul Nicholas was born Paul Oscar Beuselinck on 3 December 1944. In 1972, at the Palace Theatre on London’s West End, he played the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar, having previously pursued a career in pop music.

During the ’70s, he made his way back onto the song charts, and he also started acting, becoming famous as the star of the ’80s BBC sitcom Just Good Friends. Both the show and Nicholas were nominated for a BAFTA, and the show ultimately won.

Once the series concluded, he went back to his previous activities in the entertainment industry, which included producing and directing for musical theatre. Additionally, he is well-known for his role as Gavin Sullivan on EastEnders.

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Is Paul Nicholas Ill? Sickness and Health Update

You may be curious about Paul Nicholas’s health and whether or not he is ill. As far as I can tell, his poor health and illness have not been documented anywhere online. Due to his uncommon and unrecognized appearance on the TV show 40 years after Just Good Friend, knowledge of his illness quickly circulated.

paul nicholas illness

If you look at old photos of him from 40 years ago, you won’t recognize him at all. When he was an adult, he was a TV star who captivated audiences with his charisma.

In recent years, the actor’s blue eyes and voluminous, curly blond hair made him an instant sex icon. He is now completely unrecognizably bald.

How Old Is He?

Paul Nicholas was born in England on December 3, 1944, making him 76 years old as of 2018.

In the past four decades, he has undergone a remarkable physical transformation. The curls in his blond hair had all gone out, leaving him bald. It’s possible that he has alopecia, a condition characterized by hair loss.

He became a pop artist at age 16 in 1960 and is still performing today. With the help of Australian-born entrepreneur Robert Stigwood, Paul, then 76 years old, boarded a stage named Oscar and set out on a lengthy voyage.

paul nicholas illness

The pop singer, then only 26, made his film debut in Cannabis in 1970, followed by roles in See No Evil and What Happened to Jack and Jill? the following year.

Personal Life

Nicholas and his then-girlfriend, Patricia Brecknell, had a son, Carl, in 1965, when Nicholas was just 18 years old. Jason (born 1967) was the couple’s second kid; he had married Susan Gee in 1966, but he had been seeing Lyn Last for a while beforehand.

Natasha (born in 1969) and Oscar (born in 1971) were Nicholas and Gee’s two children (b. 1971). Susan Gee, who had two young children with her ex-husband when she died in a vehicle crash at age 28 in 1977, left behind a grieving family.

Nicholas and Linzi Jennings started dating in 1970 and were together until 1977. In 1979, after the death of Nicholas’s partner and the mother of his two children, Susan Gee, Nicholas spiraled into a deep depression.

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paul nicholas illness

A few months after his loss, he was reunited with Linzi, and the four of them quickly became a tight-knit unit, with Alex (born in 1981) and Carmen (born in 1985) completing the family (b. 1987). In 1984, Nicholas and Linzi exchanged vows.

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