Mike Tyson’s health concerns were raised after photos of him using a wheelchair were made public. It became out that his difficulty walking was due to a sciatic problem.

Mike eventually came forth to deny the reports after these red flags, saying that he is in good health.

What Happened To Mike Tyson (aka Iron Mike)?

Iron Mike, who had to deal with accusations that he was crippled due to an illness, has put a stop to the rumors in an interview with Newsmax TV. “This occurs occasionally because of my sciatica. “

The attacks have gotten so bad that I’ve lost the ability to communicate. That’s the only issue I’ve ever had with my health, thank God. At this moment in time, I feel wonderful “He hoped his music would provide his listeners some peace.

When TMZ first reported the story, it was the identical version: “He’s experiencing sciatica, an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Nothing serious. Something that happens from time to time throughout an athlete’s career.”

mike tyson illness

However, when taken together with his words from a few weeks ago on his podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the photos gave the impression of a different complexion. He began, “Of course, we’re all going to die someday.”

His pessimism was palpable as he finished his sentence: “Then I look in the mirror and see those little dots on my face and I say, ‘Wow, that means my expiration date is coming up very soon.'”

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Why He Turns Down All the Offers to Get Back in The Ring

Talk of a rematch between Tyson and his epic 20th-century bout versus Evander Holyfield has circulated throughout 2022. Another duel with Lennox Lewis or perhaps YouTuber Jake Paul was discussed.

Many of Tyson’s former and potential opponents have shown interest in a comeback bout with him, prompting the question of why he keeps declining these opportunities.

mike tyson illness

“Males are eager to engage in a fight with me for a $100 million purse. But I don’t think I’ll ever do anything like that again.

Initially, I was interested in trying it out because I thought it would be entertaining. Then other people took it to another level and merely wanted it for money concerns, therefore the joy is dead,” he claimed.

Smoking Blunt at Weed Conference

After attending a cannabis conference in Chicago, sports superstars Mike Tyson and Ric Flair smoked doinks together on Tuesday night, and from the looks of the video, it was some GOOD stuff!!

The Nature Boy and Iron Mike can be seen laughing and puffing on blunts in the streets of the leaked video.

“@miketyson and I have been up all night smoking the Ric Flair Drip. WOOOOO!” This video is captioned by Flair.

mike tyson illness

Benzinga reports that Tyson and Flair worked together on Naitch’s “Ric Flair Drip” cannabis line before the two became business partners in Mike’s “Tyson 2.0” company.

According to Benzinga, throughout the conference, Flair, and Tyson smoked many blunts in front of the audience while Mike and Ric promoted the advantages of marijuana use over pharmaceutical painkillers like Xanax.

During the show, Flair talked about how using weed helped him deal with the physical discomfort he felt as a result of his career in professional wrestling.

The two legends have clashed before, so this isn’t the first time. After the boxer Rick Ross became famous for beating up a man on an airplane, Mike and Ric smoked with him at a Benzinga Cannabis event in April.

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Mike Tyson is an american former professional boxer who has the nickname ” Iron Man” in his early career. He had to deal with accusations that he was crippled due to an illness later he put a stop to the rumors in an interview with Newsmax TV. Now you all know that this was all a rumour and our Iron Mike is just fine.

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