Clive Myrie, a British journalist, has a scar on his neck, and many are curious how he got it. The particulars of his operation and health condition are detailed here.

The British journalist Clive Myrie is a broadcaster and newsreader for the BBC. The journalist has hosted BBC’s Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind for many years.

When Myrie graduated from college in 1987, he enrolled in the BBC’s graduate journalism school and began training to become a local radio reporter.

His first post was as a correspondent for Radio Bristol in 1988, after returning to the BBC following a year with Independent Radio News. Later in his career, he contributed to Points West and BBC Television and Radio News.

Since 1996, when he first became a BBC foreign reporter, he has covered stories in more than 80 different nations. Back in February of 2022, he went to Ukraine to report to the BBC on the Russian invasion.

The brave reporter is in Kyiv, Ukraine, reporting on the fighting and providing regular updates on the situation.

How Did Clive Myrie Get Scar On His Neck? Surgical procedure And Sickness Replace

Fear for BBC correspondent Clive Myrie’s safety is palpable as he reports fearlessly from Kyiv, Ukraine. Clive’s nasty gesture on live TV caused shock and confusion among viewers.

The journalist has been mum about his health and the scar on his neck. He has been mum on the subject of his health.

clive myrie illness

He might be in bad shape, but we don’t know for sure because he hasn’t undergone any medical operations.

The journalist was most recently spotted reporting from a besieged area of Ukraine. He had turned into a ballistic vest whilst reporting, in keeping with accounts.

People were worried he might have been hurt during the chaos. Although he has not provided any updates, we can only pray that he is safe.

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What Happened to Clive Myrie?

BBC presenters Clive Myrie and Lyse Doucet, respectively, have been regularly informing viewers of the latest developments in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

After the unrest escalated, Myrie left Ukraine and tweeted his support for those trying to leave the country. On Sunday the 6th of March, he admitted that he had crossed into Moldova before driving all the way across the country to Romania.

In a sequence of tweets, he recounted his journey, starting with a photograph of his BBC colleague Ian Jonas crossing a bridge from Ukraine into Moldova.

Myrie stated that he waited in line for eight hours before being allowed to enter Romania. He thanked everyone, especially the BBC staff in Ukraine, for their support over the past two weeks and announced his impending return to London in a recent tweet.

Where Is Clive Myrie Now?

BBC news anchor Clive Myrie and Lyse Doucet, the network’s chief foreign reporter, have been providing daily updates to viewers on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

clive myrie illness

Myrie has subsequently fled the country of Ukraine, tweeting his support for people who have to leave because of the unrest. On March 6th, he admitted that he had crossed into Moldova and had driven across the nation to Romania.

Beginning with a picture of his BBC colleague Ian Jonas crossing a bridge from Ukraine into Moldova, he tweeted the details of his journey.

Myrie claimed to have waited in line for eight hours before entering the Romanian border. He thanked the public and the BBC Ukraine crew for their support over the past two weeks in a tweet published just before his return to London.

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Clive Myrie: A Brief Life Story

Clive Myrie, a famous journalist, was born in the United Kingdom on August 25, 1964. It has been determined by astrologists that Clive Myrie’s star sign is Virgo.

Myrie was born to Jamaican immigrant parents on August 25, 1964, in Bolton, Lancashire, England. Both his parents were factory workers; his mother was a seamstress for Mary Quant and his father built car batteries. As time went on, he was raised by his mother alone when his parents split up and his dad retired to Jamaica.

Myrie received his primary and secondary education at Bolton’s Hayward Grammar School and Bolton Sixth Form College, respectively. He attended the University of Sussex and studied law, earning his degree in 1985.

Clive Myrie, born in England on August 25th, 1964, is the BBC’s London-based World Affairs Correspondent. Not only does he frequently show up on BBC News at Ten and BBC Weekend News, but he also makes an appearance on BBC News at Six every so often.


Clive Myrie is a well-known BBC journalist and newsreader who has reported from over 80 countries, including Ukraine during the Russian invasion.

While there have been rumors about his health and a scar on his neck, Myrie has not provided any official statement. He recently left Ukraine and returned to London after reporting on the situation. Born to Jamaican immigrant parents, Myrie received his education in England and is currently the BBC’s World Affairs Correspondent based in London.

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