The second episode of the most well-liked new anime series of the year, Spy x Family, will air on October 1st. Twelve episodes have already been made available, and 13 more are scheduled to be released to complete the first season.

Agent Twilight, also known as Loyd Forger, is seen attempting to thwart a terrorist explosion in a minute-long teaser for Part 2 released last month. He is accompanied by the other members of the Forger family, including the career assassin Yor and the pink-haired telepath Anya.

The arc from the next episode, “Doggy Crisis,” in which the Forgers adopt a pet dog with the power to predict the future, will also be adapted. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the popularity of the first 12 episodes should be sufficient to support the creation of Season 2 or a movie spinoff.

Release Time for SPY X Family Part 2: When Will It Air?

The distribution business for SPY x FAMILY, TOHO, said ahead of time that the program will be split into two halves, or “cours.”

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According to the official website for the show and this brief teaser video that was aired at the end of August, the second half of SPY x FAMILY season one will start Showing on October 1.

Although the streaming provider has not formally announced it, we anticipate that all new episodes of SPY x FAMILY will be available on Crunchyroll.

The second half of SPY x FAMILY will consist of 13 episodes, bringing the overall count to 25. Depending on the exact start date, the part two finale of SPY x FAMILY would air at the end of December after 13 episodes.

SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour  Scheduled for October 1!

It’s important to bear in mind that the original manga is still being published, and SPY x FAMILY part one only covers three of the nine volumes that are now available (17 individual chapters for those keeping count).

There is no reason to anticipate that the Forgers will say farewell permanently after the conclusion of part two if the second half covers a comparable amount of narrative, as there will still be plenty more tales to be told.

What Is Going To Occur in Spy X Family Part 2?

We expect the second half of SPY x FAMILY season one to cover a comparable amount of ground as the first half, which covered three volumes (17 chapters) of the manga. Therefore, if you simply must know what occurs next, there are a ton of details available.

Without giving too much away, Anya, Loid, and Yor encounter numerous difficulties in volumes four through six of the manga.

In SPY x FAMILY part two, the Forgers will come to know Bond, the enormous white dog with enigmatic abilities we first encountered in the final seconds of part one, while Anya takes on some more challenging exams at her elite school.

The news that WISE agent Fiona Frost would finally be a part of the show will surely excite fans of the original manga. Fiona is Loid Forger’s protege, and she serves very nicely with her long purple duffer jacket and lavender bob.

SPY x FAMILY 2nd Cour  Scheduled for October 1!

She is also secretly harboring affection for Loid, which is unfortunate for our new favorite family. But who could blame her? We can’t wait to see what transpires next since this new development will undoubtedly add to the absurd house of cards that is the Forger family dynamic.

In fact, Fiona Frost was first introduced to us when the release date for SPY x FAMILY part 2 was revealed. In this new key art, she can be seen on the left.

When Will The Spy X Family Part 2 Trailer Be Released?

The SPY x FAMILY part two trailer is available right here! The first “task” the Forgers will face is called “Stop the Terrorist Bombing Attack,” and it is teased in a trailer that was released shortly after the season one conclusion.

It gives us our first glimpse at two new characters as well as total girlboss Sylvia, who we didn’t get to see nearly enough of in season one. The first is an ostensible terrorist who is up to no good, and the second is Bond, the new Bond of the Forgers.

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Due to some… strange talents, the Forgers’ adorable puppy, who was previewed during the SPY x FAMILY part one conclusion, is a favorite among manga lovers.

You can watch SPYx FAMILY on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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