Who is Francesco Totti?

Francesco Totti, a former great for Roma, is revered as a god of Italian soccer, with a reputation akin to David Beckham.

But after splitting from his TV presenter wife Ilary Blasi, his private life has become quite public. The couple had been together for for 20 years, and in 2005, their wedding in a historic church in Rome was shown live on television.

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Where did the tension build between the couple?

The problems started during the lockdown, when Blasi decided to buy a hairless cat. While Totti said he eventually fell in love with the animal, initially it caused some tensions between the two of them.

“I was furious with my wife, she bought a hairless cat and called it Donna Paola. It’s boiling. At night, it insists on sleeping inside our bed, next to our legs. She’s a very affectionate cat, but almost caused us to break up,” he said.

According to the Totti, the split began when he caught his wife cheating on him. Between March and April of last year, the true crisis erupted. Totti had been in pain for quite some time. After he stopped playing, he went through a challenging time, and then his father passed away from COVID.

He said, ”But my wife wasn’t there when I needed her the most. I started hearing rumours that Ilary was seeing someone else. Yes, there were several.”

Totti was suspicious after receiving warnings from several people he trusted. He went through Ilary’s phone and found out that there was a text from a third person which stated something along the lines of, “See you at the hotel.”

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Totti said he fell into depression after finding out. He said,”The proof was right here. the details. And depression followed. I was unable to sleep anymore. I tried to seem as though nothing was wrong, but in reality, I had changed into someone else. Thanks to Noemi, I was able to escape.”

Noemi Bocchi with Totti

Totti started dating Noemi Bocchi after discovering his ex-wife’s affair. Totti recently admitted that his ex-wife Ilary Blasi stole his Rolex watches. He also revealed that he hid some of his wife’s expensive handbags so he could trade them for his watches.

Totti reportedly stole his wife’s handbag collection from Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Chanel. He also raided her Jimmy Choo, Amina Muaddi, Le Silla, Casadei, and Gucci shoe collections.

The couple will now face off in a Rome courtroom for a second hearing on missing goods that Totti is said to have concealed from Blasi in the house they still share.

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