Jake Paul made the decision to fight Ben Askren in honor of Shamir Bolivar, his former bodyguard Shadow. Take a look at Shadow’s past below.

The fight between Jake and Ben has been highly anticipated by fans. Jake made the decision to memorialize his old security guard through the battle, tweeting on April 9: “This fight is for Shadow.” Jake also disclosed that his boxing had caused brain damage at the same time.

Who Was Shadow A.K.A Shamir Bolivar?

The CEO of Shadow Group Security was Shadow, also known as Shamir. On April 9, AlphaLion Professional Protection Services announced that he had passed away.

They said in a statement: “We at AlphaLion must bid adieu to A Friend, A Brother, A Mentor and all around a fantastic human being; Shamir Bolivar @the shadow group. We do so with a heavy heart and our sincere condolences.

Many people who aspire to join the elite ranks of the Shadows and keep watch over those in our care have found inspiration in you.

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We pray for calmness for you as you enter your place of eternal rest and continue to maintain watch from the shadows, along with your wife, kids, and family. We shall always carry forward your spirit and vision in our thoughts and deeds! ”

Shadow had served as a security guard for a number of well-known people, including Jake, 6ix9ine, and others. He spent 14 years as a police officer with the West Palm Beach Police Department before starting his own business in 2017.

Jake Paul and Shadow’s Relationship Explored

The YouTuber even paid respect to Shadow, Jake’s former bodyguard, after learning of his passing. On his Instagram stories, he shared a photo of Shadow along with three broken heart emoticons.

He made the decision to fight Ben for Shadow at the same time. Jake wrote: “I still can’t believe that you’re gone… this simply doesn’t seem real and I can’t fathom it at all.” Jake also expressed his grief over Shadow’s passing.

“I want to wake up and have someone tell me this was a dream,” he added, “because my heart hurts so much. You were such a wonderful person who was there for me at all times. You gave so lot to those around you, and we will never forget it. You also looked after your family and children.

“I’m at a loss for words… I know everyone will do our part to carry on your legacy,” he continued.

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I’m dedicating this battle to you, my brother, The Shadow Group. Knowing that you’ll be in the ring while I’m still keeping an eye on you. You approached me the day before last after sparring and expressed your admiration for my attitude and for me.

“You said I was like a warrior that you would want to go into a fight with… and I guess now In 9 days, we will go into battle together,” he wrote as a conclusion. “Rest in paradise legend.”

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