A model and content developer, Lana Wolf rose to prominence online on OnlyFans and other websites.

Timothy Stokely, a businessman from London, established the subscription-based platform OnlyFans, which soared to fame during the pandemic.

The website that enables content creators to make money using their platform has attracted a number of superstars, including Cardi B, Bella Thorne, and Tyler Posey.

So, what’s Lana Wolf’s name and age? The No. 1 OnlyFans star in Scotland, as she introduces herself, is detailed below.

Lana Wolf’s Age and Profession

Lana Wolf is a Glasgow, Scotland-based adult and glamour model, YouTube personality, and OnlyFans star.

She was born on October 13, 1996, making her a Libra and, as of the date of publication, 25 years old.

Lana is from the same town as Shannon Singh, a 2021 Love Island celebrity who worked as a glamour model prior to appearing on the ITV2 reality series.

As evidenced by her social media accounts, Lana is a die-hard supporter of the Rangers who she is supposed to have attended a private school.

What Ig Account Does She Have?

The social media sensation has accumulated 36.8k followers on Instagram with just 63 posts. On Twitter, she has accumulated 66.7k followers.

Under the username @lanawolf1872, you may find Lana on Instagram.

Her official Instagram profile, which had more than 70,000 followers under the moniker @misslanawolf, is no longer visible.

Her page features images from football games, fan photos, and explicit photos of her buddies.

Meet Lana’s Youtube

Who Is Lana Wolf? OnlyFans Star's History Explored!

Even though Lana may be well-known elsewhere, her YouTube channel, where she has around 2,000 subscribers, is where she is building a football fan base.

Her content primarily consists of vlogs from football games, as well as fan interviews and shopping trips.

One of her vlogs featured a solo trip she took to Milan Fashion Week in January of this year.

You can watch one of her videos in which she shows off her performance preparation.

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