Coolio passed away on September 28 in Los Angeles. He was most known for the 1990 song “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which appeared in Dangerous Minds. He had 59 years on him. Official disclosure of the cause of death is pending.

After his untimely passing, people are interested in learning more about his ex-wife, Josefa Salinas. Who is she and what is she doing right now, then? We’ll give you the entire account.

Who is Josefa Salinas’?

The rapper Coolio from Gangsta’s Paradise’s ex-wife is named Josefa Salinas. She first met Coolio in 1987, dating for almost ten years before getting married. Josefa had established a reputation for herself in the California music industry and gained popularity as a media personality.

She entertained audiences throughout the state for 30 years as a regular presenter on KQIE-FM, HOT 92.3, and Power 106 radio stations. After years of radio transmission, the mother gained notoriety as the “Angel of the Night.”

Who Is Coolio's Ex-Wife Josefa Salinas? How She Met The "Gangster Paradise" Rapper

She became a well-known supporter of Latinos, women, and children by using her position to raise awareness of charity initiatives. Barack Obama, a former president, presented her with the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

In 2018, Mayor Eric Garcetti named Josefa to the position of Los Angeles Commissioner. In addition, she is the author of the book 101 Things to Know Before You Date My Daughter, My Best Friend, or Me.

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When Did Josefa Salinas Wed Coolio?

Josefa stood by Coolio’s side as he started to gain notoriety. After four years of marriage, the couple decided to divorce. They got hitched in 1996. The couple’s reasons for divorcing were never made public, but they were nevertheless able to maintain a close friendship after their breakup. Coolio had a romantic relationship with model Mimi Ivey before his passing.

How Many Kids Did They Had Together?

Artisha, Brandi, Jackie, and Artis were their four children together, according to Source. But it’s been reported that up to 10 kids make it out of Coolio.

About raising his three daughters, Coolio spoke with People. I write the rules and pay the expenses, he claimed. In terms of dating, the rapper advised guys to show respect to the ladies in their lives.

Who Is Coolio's Ex-Wife Josefa Salinas? How She Met The "Gangster Paradise" Rapper

I don’t sit there and keep an eye on them, but the other day when I walked into the living room and saw Artisha sitting on a guy’s lap, I was like, “Oh, hell no!” “ She continued to sit, so I grabbed a pool table leg and yelled at her, “You best get up right now.” The woman declared, “I’m twenty!” Then you should purchase a home that is at least 20 years old, I advised him.

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Does Josefa Salinas on Social Media?

Josefa has continued to be active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The mother-of-four frequently posts inspirational messages along with throwbacks from her time as a radio host on social media networks.

As evidence of her extensive contacts in the music business, she frequently publishes photos of herself posing with celebrities like the late rapper Tupac.

In July, Josefa sent a tribute to her deceased ex-husband on Instagram, congratulating him on Gangsta’s Paradise reaching one billion views on YouTube.

It’s official, she said in the caption. I’m happy for @coolio! One billion views for Gangsta Paradise! Out of 80 million songs on @youtube, only 200 are part of this club.

Greetings from where you belong, @coolio. Well deserved!

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Who Else Has Coolio Dated?

While his marriage to Josefa and relationship with Mimi are likely his most well-known relationships, there are news reports about Coolio and a previous relationship with women named Anabella Bellesi and Anabella Chatman. It’s unclear, though, if these are the same woman or simply two women who happen to share the same first name.

According to TMZ, Bellesi reportedly filed a petition requesting a court to order the rapper to pay child support in 2010. Additionally, according to TMZ, Coolio was detained after being accused of assaulting and striking Chatman during a dispute.

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