Mawi Asmawi Ani popularly known as Mawi is a very known name in Malaysia and is an accomplished singer, television host, and singer. He rose to fame after appearing and winning the famous season one of the reality singing show “Akademi Fantasia” in 2003. Mawi became a household name after winning the show and people loved his journey on the show.


Mawi is from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and was born on February 25, 1980. Within no time, Mawi became a very popular singer and he also got an entry into the entertainment and music industry. He went on to release his self-titled debut album “Mawi”, in 2004 and it became a huge hit having some chart-topping singles like “Ketahuilah Kasih” and “Mengapa Aku Yang Tidak Setia”.

The album was loved by a number of people and it sold over 5,00,000 copies in a short span of time. The huge success of the album earned him several awards and Mawi became a very prominent and celebrated singer in the Malaysian music industry. He later released many more albums and contributed a lot to the industry with his amazing singing and excellent understanding of music.

Mawi Health Update

Mawi has been suffering from some kind of illness which is quite serious and because of that Mawi has distanced himself from the media and industry. He has shared about his undisclosed illness and how it has affected his physical and mental well-being. He was seen saying that it was a very difficult phase for him to handle and that he is still trying to overcome the difficulties.

Mawi Health Update

Mawi’s illness has concerned his fans and the entertainment industry a lot and they all support him to face it courageously. He shared that he is very thankful to his wife, who was there with him at every point of his life, and that he will always be thankful to her for that. Nobody actually knows about Mawi’s mysterious illness but still, all his fans pray for his healthy recovery and healing.

Mawi: An Actor And A Television Host

Mawi didn’t limit himself to just singing and tried his luck in the acting line. In 2006, he appeared in his debut film, “Man Laksa”. Mawi was appreciated a lot for his acting and he tried his level best to get into the character. It was not an easy task for him but still, he did a lot of hard work and it was clearly seen in the film.

Mawi later went on to appear in several other films such as “Ngorat” (2012) and “Evolusi KL Drift” (2008). He did a number of films but his acting career was not that great and didn’t reach the exact level of success as his music. But all this proved Mawi’s versatility as an artist and people appreciated his experimental and enthusiastic nature.

Mawi: An Actor And A Television Host

In addition to singing and acting, Mawi has made appearances as a television host. He has hosted various shows, including “Mentor” and “Melodi” in Malaysia. Mawi’s charming personality and natural charisma have made him a favorite among viewers, further solidifying his status as a well-rounded entertainer.


Mawi Asmawi Ani is a renowned Malaysian singer, actor, and television host who rose to prominence after winning the first season of “Akademi Fantasia” in 2003. With his melodious voice and versatile talents, Mawi has made a significant impact in the music industry, releasing successful albums and winning multiple awards.

He has also showcased his acting skills and hosted various television shows, further cementing his status as a well-rounded entertainer. Alongside his artistic pursuits, Mawi is actively involved in philanthropy, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive difference in society.

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