Paramedics allegedly confirmed that bodybuilder Bostin Loyd, 29, passed suddenly on February 25, 2022, following a workout in the gym.

Loyd was a well-known sportsman who also loved his family and lived happily with his wife, with whom he has a child and numerous pets.

Meet his partner Ariella as we look into their relationship through her numerous social media channels.

Learn more about the couple’s immediate relatives as well as famous bodybuilder Ariella Palumbo.

Tragically, Bodybuilder Bostin Loyd Has Passed Away

At the age of 29, popular American bodybuilder Bostin Loyd tragically passed away on March 25, 2022.

According to Fitness Volt, Loyd passed out at home after working out, and paramedics in Springfield, Florida, confirmed this. At the hospital, they tried CPR again but were unsuccessful, and eventually, he passed away.

According to his Facebook profile, Bostin started working at Team3cc as a diet coach in 2014.

The Spring Hill, Florida-based Team3cc is committed to developing exceptional physiques through sincere coaching and guiding young individuals into the fitness industry.

According to a recent Facebook post by Lloyd, who has just been diagnosed with stage five renal failure, the disease has been battling him since his October 2020 diagnosis. He had been doing well medically.

Loyd was regarded as one of the bodybuilding industry’s most divisive individuals because of his openness about using steroids, according to the biography on his website.

Loyd took first place in the Men’s Superheavyweight division at the Montanari Bros Powerhouse Classic in 2015 after winning the NPC Contra Costa at the age of just 21.

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Welcome to Ariella Palumbo, the Sportsman’s Wife

Unfortunately, sportsman Bostin Loyd has left behind his wife Ariella Palumbo and their baby Jaxtin.

Ariella is a celebrity bodybuilder who turned 30 in 2017 and was born on April 18, 1991.

On December 24, 2013, Ariella proposed to Loyd, and the couple recently commemorated their eighth year of marriage.

Ariella Giavanna Palumbo is identified as a bartender and a Team3cc online personal trainer on Facebook.

In the past, Palumbo attended Rhode Island College, worked for Champion Performance as a sponsored athlete, and was a lifeguard at the YMCA.

Although she is currently residing in Spring Hill, Florida, Loyd’s wife was born in Providence, Rhode Island.

Despite having a sizable following on Instagram (over 42k members), @apalumbo91 has not yet spoken publicly about the death of her husband.

Through her regular displays of gratitude for her boyfriend, thanks for all he does, and expressions of pride, Palumbo’s many social media platforms provide insights into her contented relationship with Loyd.

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Dig Into Their Family Life

Jaxtin Loyd, the sole child of Bostin and Ariella, turned three on April 21, 2021.

The couple had been trying for a second child, Palumbo informed her Instagram followers in December 2021.

Bostin and Ariella had a young child, four dogs named Bella, Ralphie, Pinky, and Kya, as well as a pet cat named Kiki.

Bostin Loyd presented himself as a family man who spends his time at home all day, save for when he goes grocery shopping or trains, according to information from his website.

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