Bill Bailey plays Adjoa Andoh in Julia Donaldson’s “The Smeds and The Smoos” in the first look image.

Bill Bailey and Adjoa Andoh’s characters from the upcoming BBC short film “The Smeds and The Smoos” have received their first visual release.

It is based on the picture book of the same name by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler and tells the tale of two feuding families whose children, Bill and Janet, fall in love and flee together.

The two young aliens take their families on a pursuit through space while being hotly followed by their grandparents, Grandfather Smed (Bailey) and Grandmother Smoo (Andoh). This gives them the chance to discover that they have more in common than they realize.

‘The Smeds and The Smoos’ First Look Image!

Ashna Rabheru plays Janet, Daniel Ezra plays Bill, Rob Brydon plays Uncle Smoo, Meera Syal plays Aunt Smed, and Sally Hawkins plays the narrator. They round up the cast.

This Christmas, the movie, which was made by Magic Light Pictures, will be available on BBC One and iPlayer.

According to Andoh, author of the best-selling novel, “There’s only the sort of naive prejudice that people can carry about one other until they genuinely love each other and that survival and kinship are the things that unite all of us.”

Grandma Smoo is “completely capable; she can drive a rocket, clump about the area, blow her trumpet, take great joy in her children and grandchildren, and she can also hate with a passion.

Grandma Smoo doesn’t have delicate tastes; she prefers things to be quite robust. She is therefore implacably your enemy when she is your enemy. She might decide otherwise at any time, in which case she will adore you utterly.

“I think the film’s key themes are that we should just tolerate diversity in others, Bailey continued. I believe what I take up from that is that older generations have a history of being more resistant to change.

Actually, to some extent, the generational gap must sometimes be crossed by the younger generation. Grandpa Smed is the kind of patriarch and head of the Smed family, acting as its protector and supreme authority.

Additionally, he is somewhat traditional and set in his ways. And although he is friendly, he truly is a bit of a stick in the mud. Not an ogre, he is. I believe the best way to characterize him is as a loving, aging grandpa who loves his family.

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