Characters in “Mighty Ducks” by Lauren Graham and Josh Duhamel struggle with being parents.

Josh Duhamel and Lauren Graham revealed that in Season 2, which premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday, their characters in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers deal with being overly protective.

The 55-year-old Graham is back as Alex Morrow, a mother who assisted her son in starting his own hockey team after he was released from The Mighty Ducks.

“Do I hover or do I let my kid grow up?” is one of the character’s recurrent conflicts. Graham spoke with UPI on Zoom recently. “I still have trouble with that.”

Evan’s (Brady Noon) mother is named Morrow. Their team defeated the Mighty Ducks at the end of Season 1 to reclaim the name.

In season two, Alex takes the group to a hockey camp. More intense than any coach Alex has ever encountered is Coach Colin Cole (Josh Duhamel).

Jace (Naveen Paddock), Colin’s son, attends the clinic as well but refuses to participate in the game when his father pushes him to. Colin needs to let go of “the assumption that your son is expected to be a professional hockey player like you,” according to Duhamel, 49.

Duhamel stated, “I do recognize that he does have a love for the game part way through. He simply doesn’t appreciate my efforts to make him comply or my expectations of him.

Meeting the players, according to 16-year-old Naveen, who joins the cast of The Mighty Ducks for Season 2, helps Jace rekindle his love of hockey.

As the season progresses, the Mighty Ducks aid him in regaining self-assurance, according to Naveen. He starts to feel more positive about himself.

Letting go is a motif for the adults in Season 2, according to Duhamel.

Duhamel stated, “It’s almost like you have to let them go for them to fall back in love with it. “He can navigate himself. He acts if he does. It’s fine if he chooses not to.”

Graham, who appeared in both seasons of Game Changers, said she had to come to terms with the fact that her youthful co-stars were also growing up in real life.

They are all currently receiving their driver’s licenses, according to Graham. “They have completely lost the childlike quality they had in the first season. It was amazing to see how drastically they had all changed.”

The first season also saw Evan find his first love in colleague Sofi (Sway Bhatia). In Season 2, they continue to be a couple.

Brady, 16, said, “It’s just your standard middle school connection.” We go out for pizza and do arithmetic together.

Sway, 14, is one of the younger actors in the cast. She will turn 15 in October and acknowledged feeling like she is maturing quickly.

I originally scheduled it when I was 12 years old, and I’m almost 15 now, Sway remarked.

Sofi and Evan will face difficulties in Season 2 keeping their romance strong in a brand-new setting like a hockey camp.

When they arrive at the camp, Sway believes they have different mindsets. You’ll observe that Sofi doesn’t share Evan’s enthusiasm for the camp, despite the fact that Evan is.

Alex is concerned about Evan participating in a contact sport with more seasoned and older competitors. Graham claimed behind the scenes that she can sleep a little easier knowing how diligently the young cast practiced hockey.

When they’re out there training, “they throw themselves around on the ice just in between acts,” Graham claimed. The fact that they are so cushioned and appear to be unbreakable really makes me feel less frightened now.

Up until the seventh grade, according to Duhamel, he played hockey; nevertheless, a growth spurt caused him to convert to basketball. Although it wasn’t easy, he claimed that preparing for The Mighty Ducks made him love hockey once more.

Duhamel remarked, “It’s not like riding a bike, man. It’s comparable to riding a unicycle,

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers airs new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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