Menopause may now be a topic of conversation, but there are still many unanswered questions concerning it.

TV and radio host Jenny Powell admits that her menopause symptoms “crept up” and caught her off guard, calling it “crazy, totally ludicrous.” And I’m one of those people who has always made an effort to check in on myself and take care of my health. And when you think you’re doing that, you assume you’re just going to snuff out whatever arises.

Menopause and perimenopause, however, are not like that. Bit by bit, it very gradually closes in on you, and then all of a sudden, you’re caught up in it. Then, all of a sudden, you’re that person who occasionally says, “That’s not me, this isn’t me.”

The fact that “it’s got so many levels to it and it’s so individual” and your requirements can alter from week to week doesn’t help. Powell, 54, continues, “But I also don’t want to be too depressing about it. I have two daughters. They shouldn’t be thinking, “Oh my God, I hate this stage of my life, I’m dreading menopause—is it going to be like that?'”

She admits that the “good” aspect is that we’re finally raising awareness of it. “ And it’s causing individuals to appreciate themselves a little bit more when it comes to their health.

For women, it has helped us realize that we must take care of our own health and wellness before we can take care of anyone else’s.

Connie, 21, and Pollyanna, 13, are Powell’s children from her previous marriage to Toby Baxendale; the girls currently reside in Cheshire with Powell’s fiancé, sports therapist Martin Lowe, despite the fact that Connie has been away at university in London and recently graduated.

The Greatest Hits Radio DJ, whose father Leslie passed away in July 2021 at the age of 93, says that his father’s death “put me straight back to square one when I thought I was getting closer to being myself again.”

She adds that it’s taken her some time to “let myself grieve.” It is humorous and sad. Since you don’t fully consider something until it actually occurs. She is “very grateful” that she already practiced yoga.

Powell relates that “Dad was on palliative care and was told two weeks to live — he lasted 12 weeks.” “Knowing [what’s coming] and it not happening and just dragging on and on is incredibly distressing. We cared for him at home for nearly nine weeks before I finally got him into a lovely hospice.

I would always visit my father last since that was my crutch, therefore I would always go to yoga first. It simply gave me the willpower, and everyone at yoga was so kind to me. Without a doubt, it was a huge benefit to me.

I use yoga to connect with him now that he has passed away. It has now become a continual thing for me to connect with my dad as we finish our [sessions]. However, I’ll always be happy that I was doing yoga at the time.

Powell just began at age 50, making him a “late starter.” She had always been highly interested in exercise and knew how crucial it was at this time of life to take care of your bones, flexibility, and mobility. An hour of yoga, according to her, “sorts out everything – mind, body, and spirit,” and she calls it “a game-changer.”

She keeps praising the benefits of having a stronger connection to her breath. It’s helpful, for instance, when she wants to quickly reset before going live in front of a crowd. “When you reach menopause, you experience significantly more times when you feel like you don’t want to be yourself today.

I’ve discovered that’s something where I sometimes really need to dig deep, so I pull myself to the side and do some breathing. It’s incredible what that does for you,” she continues. That came from drawing on my yoga, which is now my go-to practice.

Powell has also been extolling the virtues of bone broth, which she swears by to improve her general wellbeing, notably her stomach, hair, and complexion. She recalls her mother “boiling up bones” to create soup when she was a child, and recently rediscovered it thanks to Martin.

Jenny Powell Facing Sorrow, Menopause, And How Yoga Helped Her Dealing With Her Father's Loss

According to Powell, “He’s really into nutrition and real food, and he got me started on all those types of things.” Martin showed me how to make my own bone broth because I had no idea what coconut oil was or what was healthy for me.

It’s been in our home for a while. You’re preparing broth, aren’t you? Pollyanna would enter and ask. You can smell it because a chicken carcass has been cooking for 24 hours!

She is now collaborating with Boosh to promote their line of organic broths, which she adores because “they’re packed with collagen” (and because she can buy their pre-made jars without having to spend all day boiling her own chicken carcasses).

Still a great source of delight is work. Powell, who began presenting on television in the 1980s and achieved prominence on ITV’s Wheel Of Fortune in the middle of the 1990s, now performs at a lot more live events like concerts and radio shows. Along with Kelly Pegg, another radio host, she co-hosts The Hot Mess Mums Club podcast. She is now, however, much pickier.

Powell responds, “I’m pleased to say no.” If I’m feeling a little like, “Oops, I’m doing too much,” I will always set aside a certain amount of time for myself. When you’re younger, you think, “Oh, I can’t do that; I have to just keep going, keep going.” When I was younger, I worried a lot more.

Her current objective is to “work continuously” without “letting it take over.”

“I adore live audiences, which is why I enjoy events, and I chose to do a podcast because I wanted more control over what I did and when. But if my family, my lifestyle, or things like holidays start to actually be impacted by my work, I’ll back off.

At this point, Powell explains, “I just want to do what I like doing.” “There is a period for worrying, thinking you have to do everything, and saying yes to everything. Then comes the time to decide what you enjoy doing.

The health advantages of organic bone broth are being promoted by Jenny Powell in partnership with Boosh Foods. Visit for additional details.

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