On January 30, 2023, the body of Leo Rex, who ran the YouTube channel Leo and Longevity, was found in an apartment in Pattaya, Thailand. Leo’s real name is Laith Abdallah Algaz. The police found him in the bathroom of his apartment, face down, wearing only a black shirt. His mouth and face were dripping with blood.

Leo was known for giving unusual advice about things like experimental supplements, bodybuilding, and making your penis bigger.

The YouTuber said he wasn’t a medical expert and started his videos by saying, “Leo Rex is not a medical doctor. Before making changes to your lifestyle, diet, or medicines, you should always talk to a licenced medical professional.”

Police are looking into whether or not Leo’s death was caused by someone else.

When this was written, it was unclear what killed Leo Rex. Captain Sombat Kawmulsuk of the police department warned people not to jump to conclusions about Leo’s death while the investigation is still going on. He told The Daily Mail, “We urge the public not to jump to any conclusions until a full investigation is done.”

leo longevity cause of death

The body of Laith was taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine so that an autopsy could be done. In the apartment, they also found antidepressants, cannabis, sleeping pills, anxiety pills, and steroids, among other drugs.

The Daily Mail got a video of the apartment, which shows a messy room with clothes all over the place and most cabinets open. It looks like the room was trashed.

Police Captain Sombat said that police are looking into whether or not Leo’s death was caused by someone else. He told me:

“We will talk to the victim’s friends and a woman who stayed with him before he died. The room looked like it had been disturbed, so it’s possible that he was with someone else before he died or that the victim was upset in some way.”

Aicha Humera Rattanaphan, who is friends with Leo, said that Leo lived alone. Aicha said, “He didn’t have many guests.” People say that the YouTuber spent most of his days smoking pot and working on his computer.

Tony Hughes, the man who found Leo’s body, said that drugs did not kill Leo.

The police told The Daily Beast that they thought Leo had died about five hours before they got there. Tony Hughes, who found the body, thought that Leo had died about three days before he checked on him.

Hughes went to that apartment when Leo didn’t answer his phone calls. Aicha Humera, Leo’s friend, said, “The door was locked, so they used the spare key to get in and find the body.”

Hughes made a video after Leo died, saying that he thought Leo had taken sleeping pills because he didn’t answer his calls. According to The U.S. Sun, he said:

“I didn’t check on him because I thought he might have taken a sleeping pill and just been sleeping for 24 hours. As time went on, I became more suspicious. Then I thought he took a vacation because he had done this before, maybe with a girlfriend on a weekend trip.

Hughes said that after getting into the house, he tried to open the bathroom door but couldn’t. “His body was in the way of the bathroom door, so it wouldn’t open,” he said.

The controversial bodybuilder threw doubt on the idea that someone was up to no good. He said, “There’s no way that someone else was in the bathroom with him.” Hughes also said that Leo didn’t die from an overdose or something sudden like a heart attack.

Hughes said that it seemed like Leo was looking for “something that went down the toilet” while calling the situation “confusing.” Hughes said, “There were tools put in the toilet hole.” Hughes also thought that a manic episode might have caused Leo’s death.

Tony “Dr. Huge” Hughes is a person in the fitness world who causes a lot of trouble. People have said that the former champion bodybuilder promotes dangerous and deadly muscle-building methods.

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