Whoopi Goldberg, an actress and host on the talk show The View, has apologized for wearing a sweater with the words “Prince Hall Masonic.”

The View host has been called out by several Twitter users for wearing a “Prince Hall Masonic” sweatshirt on Tuesday’s episode.

Whoopi has subsequently issued an apology to her fans; the significance of her jumper is described here.

Whoopi Goldberg Apologises for Wearing a ‘Prince Hall Masonic’ Sweater

The View host has apologized to home viewers for wearing a “Prince Hall Masonic” sweater on Tuesday’s broadcast.

On Wednesday, the presenter apologized to her viewers, saying that she had no “intention” of offending them and pledging that she would never wear the sweater again.

Quote: “Whoopi Goldberg Said:

Let me say sorry now before we start the performance. It was not my aim to offend anyone when I wore a sweater yesterday that obviously offended many.

All I can say is that I regretfully ordered a sweater online and refuse to put it on again. I don’t understand the significance of this garment or why it has offended so many people, but rest certain that I will not be wearing it again. That settles it.

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Whoopi Goldberg’s Sweater Explained

Whoopi had a sweatshirt labeled “Prince Hall Masonic,” which features the organization’s insignia.

Prince Hall established the Prince Hall Freemasonry, an African-American fraternity that is a part of the larger North American Freemasonry.

Its members carry on Prince Hall’s legacy of fighting for African Americans’ right to freedom and education.

Viewers React on Twitter

After Whoopi wore the sweater on national television, several people expressed their displeasure with the choice on social media.

Why is Whoopi Goldberg wearing a Prince Hall Masonic Sweater on the View?” one viewer asked. Just rude. If she wants to go on national television, she should check her facts before putting on any old outfit.

The second person explained that the Freemasons, a Masonic fraternity, are the target of the negative comments about the sweater. You weren’t a member and you were wearing that, and that was the issue.

Many more have spoken up in Whoopi’s defense and thanked her for helping to spread the word about the group.

“I am a Prince Hall Mason and I really liked the sweater you wore on your show. Another user suggested that the controversy may be mitigated by auctioning the item and donating the earnings to a lodge or charity of the winner’s choosing.

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Also, “wearing a Prince Hall Mason sweater is the most fitting and loudest messaging ever made,” as another user put it. It shows that even after 300 years, African Americans are still fighting for equality, dignity, and genuine freedom.

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