When the Austin American Statesman leaked a video showing the police response to the Uvalde School Shooting, Whoopi Goldberg was enraged.

The families of the victims have been outraged. During The View on Wednesday, July 13, Whoopi criticized the paper for releasing the footage before the victims’ parents had a chance to see it. In her opinion, the publication should be “ashamed” for putting it out, she said.

With a heartfelt speech that condemned the newspaper’s decision to publish this disturbing footage, Whoopi sparked the topic.

Papers are defending their decision to publish this information, but many parents of victims are upset.”

It’s just plain wrong to me. You forgot that people’s children were linked to all those sounds, and you didn’t need to do this.

This film was scheduled to be shown to them on Sunday. The dissemination and distribution of this information were unnecessary.

What you’ve done is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself for it. For not thinking about the parents who have to watch this on television every day.

You have to see it each time you turn around. Regardless of whether or not you have any children, you should be ashamed of yourselves. “Shame on you,” she muttered, even though she knew it didn’t mean anything coming from her. Whoopi also voiced her displeasure with the video’s decision to include gunshots.

Ethics and standards editor Manny Garcia of the Austin American Statesman described why the footage was necessary to be disclosed in a blog post explaining why they decided to do so.

'Whoopi Goldberg Is Appalled' by Video Showing a Uvalde Police Officer Standing Down During a Shooting

As he stated, “We have to bear witness to history and transparency and unrelenting reporting is a method to achieve change.” He also pointed out that “heroic-sounding narratives proven to be untrue” have surfaced since the massacre.

According to Poynter, the choice to publish the story has been challenged by the families of many of the victims and by Texas leaders, including Governor Greg Abbott.

When asked about Sunday’s planned screening, DPS Director Steven McCraw said, “It was originally scheduled for Sunday.”

An official statement from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s office reads in part, “Gov. Abbott is heartbroken and disturbed that this video was leaked before victims’ families and Uvalde residents – those most affected by this tragedy—had the opportunity to view it.”

It was Sunny Hostin’s opinion that the family of the victim should have seen the leaked film before it was made public, but she said she felt “differently” about it.

According to her, the film serves as a rebuttal to narratives offered about how police handled the situation by showcasing the actual events captured on camera.

This is what truly happened: “They were cowards at that time,” she stated. We’ve had this policy narrative for a long time without anything to challenge it, but now that cameras are so commonplace, we finally know.”

With guest co-host Alya Farah Griffin’s agreement that videos have had a role in shifting public perception, Sunny also argued that parents should have learned about their children’s condition sooner rather than later.

'Whoopi Goldberg Is Appalled' by Video Showing a Uvalde Police Officer Standing Down During a Shooting

In her opinion, the publication should have made more of an effort to contact the family to let them know they were going to publish the story sooner rather than later.

Whoopi Goldberg said that parents should have been given “the option to re-steel themselves,” and she stated that the sound of the gunshots was still horrible, even though the outlet had edited out the sounds of the children’s screams.

“These are actual people. ” I understand that these are actual children who died, and I agree with all you say, yet you claim that the sound has been removed. The arrow. “The shooting is still audible,” she asserted.

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