Everyone’s happiness is Phoebe Robinson’s primary concern.

Since she began working on the project some years ago, Everything’s Trash’s actress, executive producer, and writer have been focused on one thing: bringing people back to laughter.

For the past year, Robinson has been trying to get her sitcom off the ground, telling ET that she thought she was getting close to making it happen at various points.

It’s “very thrilling,” she said of the show’s long journey, which included reshooting the pilot after initially filming in California rather than New York City. “I hope that people love this show and that it resonates with them.”

The series has a fundamental core that most people can identify with in a world that seems to be on the verge of a catastrophic collapse. Her alter-ego Phoebe Hill is currently in her early thirties when most people assume “you have your life sorted out,” Robinson explained. That’s not the case.

Everybody's Trash's Phoebe Robinson Wants Her Audience to Adore the Messy B**ch Inside

To sum it up, “I really want it to be like ‘Adulthood is ever-changing and you go through various evolutions of yourself,” she said of the show’s grand theme.

“You have to represent and live in a certain way, aren’t you? That’s what I’ve learned about the expectations placed on Black women in society.

Your hair must conform to a specific standard. There is a standard you must meet. And this was really being like, ‘oh, no.'”

One of Phoebe’s predecessors on television, Insecure’s Issa Dee, was a master at portraying a messy heroine, and she will be remembered fondly by fans of the show’s protagonist, Phoebe.

In both shows, the main character’s humanity is obviously evident. In the end, that’s what really draws Phoebe Robinson.

“The idea of showcasing a character who is flawed and humorous appeals to me much. While dating and lacking in self-confidence, they are nonetheless able to maintain a positive outlook “she remarked, as well.

“‘Oh, you can only love yourself if you’re flawless,’ I think society is saying. And it’s like, no, love yourself through the entire dirty process.

My favorite type of comedy is one where everyone can laugh, and I truly hope that everyone can enjoy this one. People can laugh and feel sensitive on these shows, which is why I enjoy them so much.”

Her lifelong friend, Jordan Carlos, who plays the fictional Phoebe’s elder brother, is a key part of the show’s success, says Robinson.

Jayden’s connection with Phoebe is “the essential relationship” in the series, according to Phoebe.

Everybody's Trash's Phoebe Robinson Wants Her Audience to Adore the Messy B**ch Inside

“My brother and I have such a close relationship, I suppose this letter is a sort of love letter to him in many ways. While we’re often joking about with each other, we’re always there for each other and really care for each other.”

Toccara Cash plays Malika Jones, Phoebe’s work wife, and her ride-or-die-for-always, and Moses Storm plays Michael Baker, her roommate, and Jayden’s tense but fun wife, Jessie Ajayi-Hill, who Nneka Okafor portrays. Adulthood’s struggles and tribulations are woven throughout the show’s plot.

“‘Oh, snap,’ you might think as you watch these levels of sisterhood unfold. Okay. NOW is the time. “Like, I just don’t have the energy to play,” “Robinson had the last word.

Of course, no scene would be complete without mentioning Brooklyn, the show’s defining character.

In the words of Robinson, who’s lived in Brooklyn for “20 years,” the show is more realistic than other depictions of the area you may see on TV.

“There are so many people in New York City who don’t know about this side of Brooklyn, and I wanted to show it in this film since so many people don’t see it. Those weren’t the steps I took on my journey .

Everybody's Trash's Phoebe Robinson Wants Her Audience to Adore the Messy B**ch Inside

“She went on to explain why this was the case. And Robinson’s trip is the primary source of inspiration for the program, which is a meta TV version of her book of essays with the same name, Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay.

There is no problem with using her life as a source of material because “TV is such a collaborative process” that it’s not just about her life.

“I was just like, ‘Yeah, let’s like mix it up and get some experiences out there,'” she revealed. “That personal moment interspersed with the hysterical scenes created by the writers was a treat. It was nice to be able to strike a balance.”

The fact that Robinson is a hat-juggler both behind and in front of the camera puts her in the company of other Black women who have taken charge of their respective projects, such as Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Halle Berry, Issa Rae, and the recently nominated Quinta Brunson for an Emmy.

“It’s refreshing! Thank you for inviting me to join such a terrific group of people “How does it feel to be included on such a list? Robinson replied when questioned about the experience. “It is my nature to be involved in every step of the creative process.

There is so much information to take in, and it all relates to one another. That’s when it dawned on me how much I enjoy my job as an executive producer: Just being on set and watching other people act and taking notes is one of my favorite parts of filmmaking for me.”

She went on to say, “As a general rule, I believe this is an excellent time for independent producers like myself to showcase our work without waiting for a network to take notice.

It’s just like, you know, I grew up doing stand-up and podcasting, and Quinta grew up doing stuff on Buzzfeed and just being hilarious and doing stand-up as well. And then you have Nicole Byer and Issa Rae, and it’s just so exhilarating.”

It hasn’t been an easy road, no doubt about that. For Robinson, the most difficult aspect of the process has been getting her foot in the door when other people don’t want to listen. This takes longer but also accelerates the process when you decide to gamble on yourself, she noted.

As she went on, she said: “Getting people to believe in you might be a challenge since they’re unsure of your abilities.

So what are your options?’ she asked. It’s more particular because you’re putting your faith in yourself, which allows you to hone your abilities, hone your voice, and discover what you’re passionate about.”

Everybody's Trash's Phoebe Robinson Wants Her Audience to Adore the Messy B**ch Inside

Having a focus on a certain issue is what makes you stand out, according to her. There’s a program like South Side that’s so funny because it’s so specific and they weren’t trying to fit into the mould of something else, she said.

“They were basically saying, “We’re going to tell this narrative that we know is funny, and someone else will catch on to it.” As a result, I believe it’s beneficial when you can serve as a model for others to follow and learn from.”

When it comes to aspiring Black artists, what is the most important piece of advice that the actress has to offer? Do everything you can to become a multi-hyphenate.

One-note lanes in Hollywood are easy to forget because they’re so common in the industry. “If you can write/direct/perform and just genuinely learn how to produce for yourself, you will always eat,” she said. “At 35, your career as an actor is all but over.

Over-25-year-old women have no place in Hollywood. Our captors don’t want us to have anything to say or contribute.

Everybody's Trash's Phoebe Robinson Wants Her Audience to Adore the Messy B**ch Inside

Hence, if multi-hyphenation makes the most sense to you, go ahead and use that style. In this way, you learn to believe in yourself even when no one else does.”

‘Everything’s Trash’ broadcasts its first two episodes on Wednesday night at 10 pm EDT.

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