This may be G Flip’s most personal song yet. After releasing their latest single, “Waste of Space,” the 27-year-old vocalist launched an accompanying music video with a cast of all non-binary or genderfluid persons.

ET’s Cassie DiLaura chatted with G Flip before of the song’s release, and the rapper explained the song’s significance.

As they describe, “It’s a song about me coming to terms with being non-binary as a child.” “For wearing the boys’ uniform to school and then hanging out with them, I was ridiculed.

When I was seven years old, I was part of a social group that spent all of its time together, playing football, Pokemon cards, and other such games.

Later, they informed me, “You’re a girl.” It didn’t matter that I had short hair, was dressed in the boys’ uniform, and looked just like them; one day, they told me I couldn’t play with them.

To play with them, they stated I couldn’t since I was a boy after I strolled over to the girls dressed in skirts and dresses.”

'Waste of Space' Song and Chrishell Stause 'Superstar' Partner G Flip on The Origins of The Two (Exclusive)

“They’d call me a waste of space,” G Flip says. “I was stuck in the center.”

“As a non-binary person, I see myself as an amalgam of the masculine and the feminine poles. When you’re non-binary, that’s how it feels. Because of this, I wanted to make a powerful song.”

On top of that, G Flip wrote an open letter regarding the song, saying they were unclear if it would ever be released publicly.

When G Flip’s “gender identity was pushed into headlines” as a result of his romance with Selling Sunset actor Chrishell Stause, the choice to come out was made.

“As a non-binary person, I’ve received a deluge of messages and inquiries.

In addition to parents who have reached out to inquire how they may best support their non-binary children, there have also been comments from people who simply want to learn more about what it means to be non-binary.

“In G Flip’s words: There have been a lot of harsh remarks concerning my gender identification, and some individuals have told me that I am not non-binary.”

'Waste of Space' Song and Chrishell Stause 'Superstar' Partner G Flip on The Origins of The Two (Exclusive)

“Gender identity education is sorely lacking in the world, as seen by the increasing number of communications I am receiving.

This song is sorely needed in this day and age, despite my initial reluctance to make it public “So they went on. “Today is Non-Binary People’s Day, an annual celebration.

For this reason, I’ve decided to release this song, which I know would have completely transformed my life if I had it as a kid:”

During the songwriting and making of the music video, they often thought about G Flip’s youth. So much so, in fact, that G Flip decided to use a picture of themselves taken when they were seven as the sole artwork.

“When I first saw myself in the mirror, I thought, ‘What are you?’ Those are lyrics from the song.

I chose that piece of art because I believe that everyone who now identifies as non-binary has a childhood photograph that they can look at and go, “That’s who I was,” “Tells ET, according to G Flip.

“I had finally achieved my childhood fantasy of being a tiny, backward-cap-wearing punk. However, society inundates you with facts such as the necessity of being female.

Even though everyone I looked up to, including the Pussycat Dolls (J.Lo, Shakira), loved those musicians, it was never me. I used to be a rough and tumble young kid who wore tiny boy’s clothes. That wasn’t an option for me.”

'Waste of Space' Song and Chrishell Stause 'Superstar' Partner G Flip on The Origins of The Two (Exclusive)

G Flip aspires to serve as a role model for another youngster.

“I believe that my life’s work is to educate the world about gender identity and to serve as the non-binary role model that I never had growing up,” they stated in an open letter.

“It’s critical that marginalized groups are fairly represented in the media. I’m here, along with a slew of other transgender people. This generation and subsequent generations will not be ostracised for being their beautiful, honest selves because we are here and ready to make a statement.”

In spite of the difficulties, G Flip has learned to “see light in every situation and the positive aspects of all situations”

We have been warned that people will hurl things at you,” they tell ET. “It’s going to be hard for you to keep up. It’s inevitable that social media will try to bring you down. But you have to put it out of your mind. I’m a relatively laid-back person.”

As a result, the relationship between G Flip and Stause was made public. To celebrate, they co-starred in G Flip’s “Get Me Outta Here,” a PDA-heavy music video.

'Waste of Space' Song and Chrishell Stause 'Superstar' Partner G Flip on The Origins of The Two (Exclusive)

“On set, we had a blast. We still discuss how much fun we had on that day. As a result, every time we enter a 7-Eleven, we’re wondering, “Should we begin making out?” That’s what G Flip has to say. “Simply put, it was a blast.

All of the people I work with—my coworkers, the people on the production team, and my creative director—are queer, and it created such a welcoming environment for me to create some truly bizarre stuff. It was a good time.”

When it came to going public with their relationship with Stause, G Flip was “not nervous,” but they wanted to make sure their real estate agent partner “was okay with doing it.”

I know she sells houses and is an all-around businesswoman but she’s so creative and incredibly excellent at writing and telling stories that she helped come up with it,” G Flip says of the music video he collaborated on.

“Insofar as she was at ease, I was all for it. She has a lot of acting experience thanks to her work in soap operas, but I don’t.

So having a co-star who is ready to go as soon as the cameras start rolling was a huge help. What a star she is! She’s amazing, to say the least.”

G Flip isn’t sure if they want to appear on Selling Sunset, despite the fact that their relationship is public knowledge. When asked about the possibility of her relationship being portrayed on Netflix, Stause said it “seems a little scary.”

'Waste of Space' Song and Chrishell Stause 'Superstar' Partner G Flip on The Origins of The Two (Exclusive)

“As a child, I never imagined that my life was a reality show. I’m leaning toward staying with the music for now. As a musician, I don’t want people to think of myself as a reality celebrity instead of a musician.

Because that’s been my goal since the age of nine, “For more information, listen to what G Flip has to say.

“I’ve always wanted to be a drummer, whether it was in a recording studio or performing live. So, I don’t think it’s for me at all.”

Nevertheless, they reassured the public, “I support Chrishell, and I love the entire cast.”

As for the Selling Sunset cast and crew, G Flip says, “They’re all such rad, amazing human beings.” G Flip states this in an interview. “They’re amazing, I tell you. Such a blast.”

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