His ex, Madison LeCroy, was compared to “f–king Medusa” by Austen Kroll.

When LeCroy revealed her engagement to Brett Randle on Amazon Live during Thursday’s episode of “Southern Charm,” the males of the group were tuned in.

After hearing his ex’s new bling, 35-year-old Kroll asked his co-stars, “Wait, what did I just hear?”

Austen Kroll then stated, “What a wretched bastard he is to a life of servitude with f–king Medusa,” in reference to LeCroy’s new fiancé.

Southern Charm Star Austen Kroll Brands Ex-Girlfriend Madison Le Croy an "F–king Medusa" in An Instagram Post

Prior to calling it quits in 2020, LeCroy and Kroll had been dating for almost two years, going on and off.

Kroll cut off all communication with LeCroy, and despite their best efforts, they don’t appear to be on speaking terms.

Her ex-husband Josh Hughes is Hudson’s father and she just informed him of the news before going public with it during an interview on Live with Kelly and Michael.

In terms of ex-lovers, she says, “That was the only one that meant anything to me.”

Following her rant in the confessional, Kroll said, “Everything she does is like a little dig at me,” in reference to her comment. “That’s what she’s all about.”

That was just one more reason he didn’t want her in his life.

Southern Charm Star Austen Kroll Brands Ex-Girlfriend Madison Le Croy an "F–king Medusa" in An Instagram Post

After seven months of dating, LeCroy proposed to Randle in October 2021 and the couple plans to get married in December of this year.

My companions laughed when I announced to them that ‘I’m going to marry that man,’ but I was serious. ‘We say things like that all the time.’ That’s not an exaggeration. “I know it,”Madison LeCroy said to Page Six at the time of her engagement.

Bravo broadcasts “Southern Charm” every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

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