It looks like Ana de Armas is ready to open up about her romance with Ben Affleck. In an interview with Elle’s August edition, the “Knives Out” star commented on the primary drawback of dating Affleck: the constant media attention.

In the spring of 2020, after meeting on the set of Hulu’s “Deep Water,” the co-stars began dating.

Every day seemed to bring new paparazzi images of the couple conducting errands, walking their dogs, or going grocery shopping all around Los Angeles – typically with Dunkin’ iced coffee in hand.

During her seven years in the California city, the Blonde actress claimed she observed how some of her friends managed public life but admitted that seeing it directly made her recognize her genuine thoughts about where she was living.

Ana De Armas Admits Ben Affleck Relationship Led Her to Depart Los Angeles

She remembered telling herself, “This is not the place for me to be.” In the end, it was just a little overwhelming. There’s no getting out of this mess. In this situation, there is no way out.

Ana Da Armas also said that living in Los Angeles made her feel “anxious,” saying that there is “always the feeling of something that you don’t have, something missing.”

During the coronavirus outbreak, the Deep Water cast dated and even quarantined together. The couple was frequently pictured with their pets on walks and coffee runs.

The Cuban-born actor and The Last Duel star ended their relationship in January 2021.

“Ana called it quits on our romance. Ana still has feelings for Ben Affleck, but she doesn’t envision a future for the two of them. “It wasn’t working, and they weren’t on the same page,” a source told In Touch exclusively at the time. “It’s over, but they’re on good terms and they’re still talking.”

Ana De Armas Admits Ben Affleck Relationship Led Her to Depart Los Angeles

Ana began a romance with Tinder executive Paul Boukadakis after their split. The whereabouts of the Knock Knock actress’s present residence are unknown, however, her boyfriend currently lives in both Santa Monica, California, and Houston, Texas.

By April of 2021, Ben had resumed his romance with Jennifer Lopez. Despite their engagement being finalized in November 2002, the couple split in January 2004.

The 52-year-old Marry Me actress and the 52-year-old Good Will Hunting actor reconnected after their split in 2009 and immediately fell in love all over again. They got engaged in April.

Ana De Armas Admits Ben Affleck Relationship Led Her to Depart Los Angeles

According to J. Lo’s newsletter, “Saturday night sitting at my favourite place on earth in the bubble bath, my wonderful love dropped down on one knee and proposed,” she shared about the proposal on April 12.

In addition, the mother of two said she was “completely surprised” by Ben’s kind approach of asking her to be his wife.

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