Jeremy Giambi, an ex-MLB player had also suffered a blow to the head which left him “very emotional and negative”, six months before he died

Jeremy Giambi died by suicide

Jeremy Giambi Cause Of Death

According to a report on Jeremy Giambi’s autopsy that The Post was able to get, he shot himself in the chest and left a suicide note. The gun used in the incident was a Winchester Model 94AE Level action repeating rifle.

Between 1998 and 2003, the former MLB player played for the Royals, Athletics, Phillies, and Red Sox. He committed suicide in February of this year.

Giambi’s suicide was attributed to a gunshot wound to the heart, according to the autopsy report submitted by the Los Angeles County Department Of Coroner. The article claims that on February 9, Giambi’s mother, who was looking after her grandkids, found him dead.

According to the study, Giambi’s drug use (methamphetamine and Percocet) dates back to the 1990s and culminated in a stay in a rehabilitation facility in 2014–15. He was not believed to have been using drugs recently, a witness told investigators.

Last year, while working as a pitching coach, Giambi was struck in the head by a baseball and broke his zygomatic bone.

Giambi “had not been the same since and was very depressed, emotional, and paranoid since the head injury,” according to the report.

She shared that despite Giambi, who was working as a pitching coach at the time, had a surgery to correct the injury, he nevertheless “seemed different.” He visited a neurologist as well, although no disease was ever formally diagnosed. Giambi was “extremely gloomy and would let the tiniest things ruin his day,” she claimed after the injury.

Several MLB teams, as well as present-day and former athletes, expressed their sympathies to the Giambi family after his passing.

Alex Rodriguez, who played on the New York Yankees with Giambi’s older brother Jason, wrote on Twitter, “Heartbroken to hear the news about Jeremy Giambi’s passing. He was the ultimate competitor on the diamond. Just 47, gone way too soon. My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP.”

The Oakland A’s shared a statement via their official Twitter account: “We are heartbroken to learn of the passing of a member of our Green and Gold family, Jeremy Giambi. We offer our condolences to Jeanne, Jason, and his family and friends.”

The Philadelphia Phillies, for whom Giambi played in 2002, also issued a statement on Twitter: “The Phillies are saddened to hear the news of Jeremy Giambi’s tragic passing. Our condolences go out to his family during this very difficult time.”

In 510 career games over six seasons in the majors, Jeremy Giambi hit 52 home runs and had a well-above-average on-base percentage of .377.

Alongside the current Oakland A’s manager Mark Kotsay, Giambi earned a College World Series championship while playing college baseball at Cal State Fullerton in 1995.

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