Kate Middleton cried after her then-boyfriend, Prince William, canceled their New Year’s Eve plans at the last minute in 2006. In her 2011 book “The Building of a Royal Romance,” royal author Katie Nicholl claims that in 2006, Middleton wished she could spend time with William.

In her book, Nicholl writes that a phone call depressed the Prince of Wales. William allegedly called off his Boxing Day rendezvous with Middleton, according to Nicholl’s book.

Instead, he sat down with his parents and grandmother to talk about Middleton’s future and the royal family’s support of their relationship. Both the Queen and William’s father are on record as advising him to take his time making important decisions.

A few weeks later in 2007, Middleton and William broke up, and it was later reported that the Queen was saddened by the news. Middleton and William appeared to reconcile quickly, as they were afterward spotted attending the same army celebration in Bovington, Dorset.

Kate And William's Journey From Heartbreak To Royal Family

In any case, time brought about change. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now the proud parents of three young royals: Prince Louis, Royal George, and Princess Charlotte.


The ups and downs of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship have been well-documented, including a canceled New Year’s Eve date and a temporary breakup. Despite these challenges, their love persevered, and they are now happily married with three children.

Their journey is a testament to the power of love and the importance of taking time to make important decisions.

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