Chelsea Hart and Modern Warrior are in the spotlight on TikTok because of their viral dispute.

With three million followers and videos promoting Native American culture, Lance Tsosie, also known online as Modern Warrior, is well-known.

Alaskan blogger Chelsea Hart, who has 1.6 million followers, frequently writes on activism and significant current events.

The couple is engrossed in some very public drama at the moment. The situation is as follows:

Lance and Chelsea Were on A Date

Chelsea took to TikTok to clarify the controversy after a number of unfounded rumors about the couple started spreading online.

Chelsea said in a video that it had been watched approximately two million times and that she had been friends with Lance Sosi for a year and had been romantically involved with him for six months.

Before disclosing that they became friends shortly after she miscarried a baby, she said, “[we] were working towards seeing each other and seeing whether we could pursue a long-term relationship.”

She continued, “He supported me beautifully through those things and really made me feel comfortable, and finally I fell for him and told him,” adding that she really “trusted” him.

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Explaining Their Drama

Chelsea claimed in the same video that Lance had expressed interest in polyamory, something she was vehemently against.

With everyone’s cooperation, the practice of polyamory involves having numerous love and sexual relationships going on at once.

“I rejected. Before admitting that she had traveled to Denver to meet him, she stated, “I couldn’t do that and with all the amorous signals we were sending, I felt he would oblige.

Modern Warrior and Chelsea Hart's Viral TikTok Drama Explained

She continued by saying that when she got home, she discovered that he had “posted a TikTok with her” and was “on a date with another woman.”

The two allegedly shared a bed, according to Chelsea, who also said that she felt “violated” because she had never committed to polyamory.

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A Modern Warrior Accuses

Lance apologized on TikTok when Chelsea posted videos. He did, however, later remove the video from his profile.

He said: “I just wanted to take a second to apologize. Fans’ screen captured the clip. I’m really sorry that our friendship has come to this, Chelsea.

He said, “I’m sorry for not being the clear communicator I wanted to be, and most importantly, I’m sorry for the grief I’ve caused you.

Nothing I have to say will change it, And I apologize to everyone else for disappointing you. But I do hope you’ll give me the chance to develop and learn,” the TikTok star said in his closing statement.

Chelsea berated him for his apology in a different video, saying: “Don’t you dare attempt and apologize for your communication, why don’t you apologize for taking advantage of my vulnerabilities.”

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