Do you recall the young child who insisted his mother “Listen Linda” when she refused to give him a cupcake?

Matteo Beltran is now 10 years old, and that popular video is now 7 years old. We observe what the young Listen Linda participant is doing right now.

Listen Linda Video Goes Viral in 2014

The original, endearing video, “My 3 Year Old Must Argue and Debate Everything,” which features a 3-year-old Matteo Beltran, was published in 2014. Nearly 30 million people have seen the son and mother’s humorous exchange on YouTube.

After being told he couldn’t have a cupcake for dinner, Linda’s son Matteo can be heard repeatedly imploring mom to “Listen Linda” in the video.

His mother claimed that Matteo’s desire to forgo dinner entirely and go directly to dessert was what sparked the “heated” fight.

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The little star received praise from stars like Queen Latifah and even Michelle Obama after the video’s success led to appearances on talk shows like the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Matteo Beltran: Where Is He Now?

As a result of the video’s success, discussion shows invited this new talent to participate. and attracted a lot of interest from musicians, the media, and the general population. The 17th of November 2021 marks Matteo’s eleventh birthday.

Linda Beltran, his mother. Previously this year, she stated to the media that her child is “beginning to appreciate learning everything about martial arts. Additionally, students must adjust to social virtual classrooms.

He likes playing video games on the computer with his sibling. Linda added that life hasn’t exactly been simple for her family.

they “fight literally every day,” they claim. Despite the fact that she is pleased that her brief film can briefly brighten the lives of many people,

169k people subscribe to Linda’s YouTube channel. She discusses her sons Matteo, Charlie, and Kevin in this passage. additionally, their life at home in San Jose, California. Her boys are shared legally between her and her ex-husband.

Check out Matteo’s social media presence. The young internet sensation’s mother also co-manages the account, which has close to 10,000 followers. Matteo and his siblings are all passionate taekwondo students. They like spending time as a family together.

On Tik Tok, Fans Have Been Reproducing the Video

The most sincere form of flattery, so the saying goes, is imitation.

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Fans of the trending video have started reenacting the Listen Linda dialogue on TikTok, and the feisty three-year-old Matteo has become a social media sensation.

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