Last One Laughing Naija Season 2 has generated a lot of discussion among fans and has performed admirably in the comedy genre. Nonetheless, it should be noted that viewers are eager to learn more about the second season of the show, particularly about its future.

Last One Laughing Naija Season 2

We will go through every single piece of information that is now available regarding the second season of the show, which is currently the most anticipated one at the moment, as well as additional plot details. You may find all the information you require regarding the second season in this post.

Is Season 2 of Last One Laughing Naija Renewed or Canceled?

Officials have not yet decided whether to renew Last One Laughing Naija, and the primary reason for this could be that the first season was just launched, and they may be thinking about how the show’s increased popularity could result in the renewal of the second season.

Is Season 2 of Last One Laughing Naija Renewed or Canceled?

When Will Last One Laughing Naija Season 2 Air?

Currently, the show has not received a renewal for another season, thus it is difficult to predict when the show will air because production must take place first, which will delay the release date.

When Will Last One Laughing Naija Season 2 Air?

Last One Laughing Naija is anticipated to renew Season 2  at any time, and production may start shortly after. This implies that the show will air in 2024 and be even more entertaining than before thanks to its trademark funny gags that will appeal to a wide audience.

What Is The Last Laughing Naija Series’ Storyline?

Given that Last One Laughing is a well-known comedy program, it has become a major global franchise that is produced in every nation.

What Is The Last Laughing Naija Series' Storyline?

On the other side, the show features an intriguing premise that involves a comic facing off against another comedian and sharing their finest jokes while neither of them can laugh, with the winner potentially being the last person standing or the one who doesn’t laugh until the very end.

A comedy show called One Laughing Naija just made its debut in Nigeria. Basketmouth, a well-known actor and comedian, headlined the inaugural season of the program. That being said, it should be noted that Last One Laughing Naija has been in negotiations for some time and that the first season of the show is now airing in Nigeria as of July 2023.

Contestants in Last One Laughing Naija Season 2

The Last One Laughing Naija Contestants Since the program hasn’t been renewed, season two hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s anticipated that it will have some well-known comedians because it will be entertaining to see them battle it out.

Contestants in Last One Laughing Naija Season 2

Who Are The New Season 2 Judges?

The fact that the show hasn’t been renewed for a second season may be the primary reason why the network hasn’t released any additional information about the new judges who will be joining the cast in the second season.

Although it’s expected that the judges for the second season will be the same as those from the first, there may also be new contestants; however, this will depend on if the show’s goal for the next season is to grow its audience.

Last One Laughing Naija Season 1 Summary and Winner

Given the caliber of comedians that competed in Season 1, the comedy genre was undoubtedly greatly impacted by the show. The comedians faced off with their finest jokes, and the funniest ones advanced to the next round, where they were chosen by the audience’s vote total.

Last One Laughing Naija Season 1 Summary and Winner
Last One Laughing Naija Season 1 Summary and Winner

Until the last round of the show, some of the finest comedians were from the first season. Gandoki was victorious from Last One Laughing Naija Season 1, with iGoSave emerging as the ultimate runner-up.


Fundamentally, viewers are excited for the series to premiere, but both the program owners and the filmmakers have the final say. Without an official announcement of confirmation, we are unable to review anything.

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