At the 2022 Emmys, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunite as Good Burger.

When performing a skit at the Emmys, the comedy team came together once more.

Welcome to Good Burger, the place where the Good Burger is made!

During the award show, All That and Kenan & Kel co-star Kel Mitchell and Emmys host Kenan Thompson reconnected.

Thompson urged The Eternals star, “Why don’t you take this guy’s order over here?” and then walked over to a customer with his head down, obscuring his face in a skit set at a bar served by “honorary bartender” Kumail Nanjiani.

Thompson asked, “Excuse me, sir, may we get you a drink or something?”

Then, the unidentified man raised his head, displaying Mitchell. He questioned, “You know what… can I get a Good Burger?” to cheers from the audience.

Thompson exclaimed, “Oh my God!” and immediately hugged Mitchell before the two started dancing about, showing real amazement.

The pair hinted at a potential Good Burger sequel while promoting their All That sketch. The sequel is coming at you, Thompson remarked as the camera panned away. “Make it two good burgers!”

The two have teased each other about a second serving of the Good Burger twice now. The production team had a meeting in August, according to Thompson, but he didn’t go into detail about whether or not a project had been approved.

Fans are now more likely than ever to see Good Burger 2 once all these indications have been given, though.

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