Britney Spears Says She Wants to Feel “Valued” After Apologizing to Her Sons: “Sorry If I Ever Hurt You”

More and more, Britney Spears is talking about her difficult connection with her sons.

Spears reacted to her son Jayden James’ assertions that her social media use is motivated by a desire for “attention” after his interview with The Daily Mail and ITV, which aired earlier this month.

In a since-deleted Instagram post over the weekend, the 40-year-old “Hold Me Closer” singer said that she did “want to be heard.” I’m upset,” she declared.

Spears addressed the boys’ decision to postpone seeing mom and acknowledged her own reservations. She said, “I’m frightened to tell you people, but I won’t be willing to see you until I feel respected.

Spears claimed that for attempting to be active in her kids’ life, she has been made to feel “dying” and “pathetic.” She stated that she “was desperate to see you guys,” later adding, “but honestly, I should have valued me a lot more.”

The pop star apologised if she had ever wounded you guys in any way. “All I know is that my love for my children is more than anything,” she stated.

Preston, Jayden, and Britney Spears on Instagram

Later, she spoke more directly to her teenage sons. She uttered, “Jayden and Preston, I adore you,” adding, “I’m informed you guys have blocked me.”

Spears praised her sons, calling them “unbelievable in the gym” and “talented in everything you do,” and expressed her hope that they are using the punching bag she gave them to practice.

I’m so lucky to even be able to call you to mine, she said. And I simply want you to be aware.

Jayden expressed his and his brother’s conflicted feelings about Spears’ use of social media in an interview with The Daily Mail, mentioning that Preston, who will turn 17 on Wednesday, “requested my mum not to share his images, and she did it anyway. So it didn’t go well.”

Since social media “helps her,” according to Jayden, “if that’s what she wants to do, then I’m not going to dislike her for that.”

The teen said, “At the same time, she should realize whatever it is that prevents her from loving her family.

It seems nearly necessary for her to share something on Instagram in order to gain some attention. There is a good probability that this will go on forever because it has been going on for so long, but I’m praying that she will stop for my sake.

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