Regarding her faith in God, Britney Spears claims in her most recent audio recording that she “doesn’t believe in God anymore.”

On Monday, Britney Spears released an audio clip in which she discussed her relationships with her boys Jayden and Sean Preston and her ex-husband Kevin Federline. After a contentious interview, Federline and Jayden have released this recording.

For the first three minutes of the recording, Spears says, “I can totally understand why my family would have a problem with me doing my own thing, maybe ’cause I never have,” referring to the limited freedom she had over the course of more than 13 years while her father, Jamie Spears, served as her conservator. Federline is the primary caregiver for their two kids.

Spears concluded the recording by talking about how her conservatorship has affected her religious views “If there was a God, He would not [have] allowed that to happen to me. As a result of my offspring and relatives’ treatment of me, I no longer have faith in God.”

“Not even the existence of God is worth putting faith in. For the record, I don’t believe in God “her words

Federline and Jayden were interviewed for a show called “60 Minutes Australia,” which has no affiliation with the “60 Minutes” on CBS News, but aired last week.

In the course of the conversation, Jayden Federline spoke up in defense of his grandfather, telling the interviewer that his grandpa “doesn’t deserve all the vitriol he is getting in the media.” He also defends his grandma Lynne, whom Spears says is behind the conservatorship.

Kevin Federline also indicated in the ITV interview that he thinks the conservatorship was justified and that Spears’ father “saved her back then,” despite Spears calling it “absolute abuse.”

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According to the interview, Spears’ kids decided not to attend their mother’s wedding to model/actor Sam Ashgari because “she didn’t invite the whole family, and then if it was just going to be me and Preston, I just don’t see how that situation would have ended in good terms,” Jayden explained.

Kevin Federline claimed that Spears’ online activity has harmed her children. “That’s why I tell them, “Hey, maybe that’s just another way she tries to express herself.” However, this does not diminish the harm that it does them “Moreover, he said.

Jayden was also critical of his mother’s Instagram use, saying, “The more active she is on Instagram, the more attention she seems to receive. This has been going on for decades, and it’s entirely possible that it may never end, but I’m still holding out hope that she’ll finally give up.”

Spears posted a video to Instagram on Saturday that seemed to address these allegations, with the message reading, “I’m so sorry, kids, but I can’t quit social media. Apologies if you think I do this for the sake of public acclaim.

I’m sorry you’re feeling that way… but do you know what??? Let me break the news to you… In God’s perspective, you, me, and everyone is a child of God. This is why I’m not apologizing and no, I don’t feel bad about it. I now know that it’s important to exclaim “SO!!!”

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Spears goes into further detail about the fight in the audio clip she released on Monday, in which she directly addresses her younger son, who is now 15 years old: “Hope she gets better, Jayden, as you criticize my conduct just like my whole family always does. I promise to pray for her, but for what, exactly?”

Do you want me to improve so that I can keep paying your dad $40,000 every month, or are you just being cruel since the deal is up in two years and you don’t stand to gain anything from it? Spears continued by implying that after her children turn 18, Federline will no longer be able to collect child support payments.

Spears said in the recording released on Monday that she had begged her sons to spend more time with her on numerous occasions, but that they had always left her house before the end of their custody visits.

There was never enough, she said, no matter how many presents she bought, how many gourmet meals she prepared, or how much of a saint she pretended to be. Spears also recalled an incident in which she told Jayden she wanted to see him more, to which he allegedly responded: “You finally decided to give Dad a call. Not again, at least.”

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