People who watched House of the Dragon say they learned about the illness plaguing King Viserys Targaryen from the show (Paddy Considine).

The King’s health has been gradually deteriorating over the first four episodes of the smash Game of Thrones spinoff, albeit the precise nature of his ailment has not been explicitly discussed.

On the other hand, there are some people who claim to have figured out what’s wrong with him, and it’s not dragon pox like everyone else assumed.

House of the Dragon spoilers ahead…

Some viewers suspected that Viserys (Paddy Considine) was afflicted with the made-up ailment dragon pox, but the signs don’t line up. Moreover, it is common knowledge that dragon pox is highly contagious, yet Viserys’s illness does not appear to be infectious.

"House of The Dragon" Followers Think They’ve Identified King Viserys!

Then why does he have blackened fingers and wounds on his back? Some viewers, it seems, have concluded that the Iron Throne itself may be responsible.

Viserys gets a “small cut from sitting on the throne” in the pilot episode.

Many different diagnoses have been proposed by the audience, but necrotizing fasciitis stands out as the most likely explanation.

Necrotizing fasciitis, which can cause black blisters on the skin and necessitate surgery to remove the diseased tissue, is described in detail on the NHS website.

One Twitter user pondered, “I wonder what’s wrong with Viserys, in today’s medical words, or whether it’s a fake ailment.” Nothing about Fire + Blood or WoIaF sticks out in my memory. First I suspected a staph infection, then necrotizing fasciitis, but do either of those conditions progress that slowly? ”

Another user joked, “Viserys has necrotizing fasciitis lmaoo.”

The Iron Throne may not be the most subtle of metaphors, but it appears to be the instrument of old Viserys’s demise.

The fourth episode of House of the Dragon, titled “King of the Narrow Sea,” which aired on Sunday, may have featured the show’s most stunning sex scene so far.

Moreover, viewers have just learned that a major plot twist is revealed in a statement from season three of Game of Thrones that is so subtle that viewers would never see it if they didn’t know to look for it.

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