The newest show on BBC One and iPlayer, Time, has a prison setting; however, was HMP Craigmore actually used as a location for filming?

Time, a new drama on BBC One, examines the tumultuous world of jail and stars Sean Bean and Stephen Graham.

The series takes set at HMP Craigmore, which becomes Mark Mark Cobden’s home after he is given a four-year prison sentence.

Is HMP Craigmore a true prison, though? Where was Time on BBC One filmed?

Time on BBC One and Iplayer

Is Time’s HMP Craigmore Real a Prison?

Time was imprisoned on BBC One and iPlayer on June 6, 2021.

Time, written by Jimmy McGovern, is about Mark Cobden (Sean Bean), a newly-incarcerated man who is completely unprepared for life in the unpredictable prison system.

He encounters Eric McNally (Stephen Graham), a jail guard who works hard to keep those under his control safe. The most dangerous prisoner discovers Eric’s worst weakness, forcing him to make a difficult decision, which complicates things even further.

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HMP Cranmore In Time

The clock is kept at HMP Craigmore, a makeshift jail.

Mark reveals to his wife—as well as the audience—that he is being imprisoned in Craigmore Prison during an unpleasant phone call.

Despite having a realistic appearance, HMP Craigmore is a made-up prison that doesn’t really exist.

Craigmore appears to be based in Liverpool or the nearby Merseyside region, as evidenced by the high proportion of Scouse inmates in the institution and Stephen Graham’s Eric McNally.

The local jails, in reality, HMP Liverpool, HMP Altcourse, and HMP Thorn Cross in Warrington do not all go by the name Craigmore.

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Where Did Time Get Filmed?

Is Time’s HMP Craigmore Real a Prison?

At HMP Shrewsbury, Time was filmed.

That’s true, although though HMP Craigmore is a fictional setting, a genuine prison served as the backdrop for the BBC series.

Surprisingly, there has been a prison on the HMP Shrewsbury grounds since 1793.

A few decades later, between 1877 and 1878, the existing structure on the property was built.

The operational prison HMP Shrewsbury was shut down and decommissioned in March 2013, but it has since become a popular location for film crews.

Lucky Man on Sky One, Prey on ITV, Bancroft, and Coronation Street was among the TV shows that were filmed there until it closed.

In 2020, locations all across Liverpool and the surrounding area were used for the filming of BBC One’s Time, including Southport Pier and Oakland Street in Widnes (from which Runcorn Bridge can be seen).

The weekly BBC One broadcast of Time is currently available to stream in its entirety on BBC iPlayer.

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