Several viewers claimed that when they switched to Channel 5, a black and white square appeared on their TVs.

In the past few days, Channel 4’s network has encountered a number of technical troubles as users have posted about various issues on social media.

On Channel 5 last weekend, some people may have observed an odd problem.

Here are the key details you should be aware of.

The Black and White Square: What Is It?

What Is The Black And White Square Glitch On Channel 5?

Following the evacuation of a network transmission facility in London due to a fire alarm, Channel 5, Channel 4, and Freeview all lost service.

As a result, many viewers reported that when they turned on their TVs, a black and white square appeared on the screen.

“Channel 5 appears to be operating in backup mode. The top right corner of the screen has a black or grey square, which is how you can tell, Scott Bryan, a writer, tweeted last weekend.

The channel hasn’t specifically addressed the problem, but it’s assumed that it has something to do with the evacuation of the transmission facility.

The square may indicate that the broadcast transmission is operating in disaster recovery mode, according to The Sun.

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Volunteers Report the Issue

Many individuals are still claiming that when they switch to Channel 5, they can still see the odd square in the right-hand corner of their televisions.

The upper right corner of @channel5 tv has had this white and black square stuck there for the past few days. Why? ” inquired a guy.

What Is The Black And White Square Glitch On Channel 5?

Another viewer complained that the annoying white/black square that is now present on all of your programs needs to be removed.

It’s still annoying to watch your shows on Channel 5 TV because of the white/black square that should be covered in the upper right corner of the screen. Strangely, the discomfort vanishes when the advertisements are playing. Sort it out. No other channel is doing this,” a different person remarked.

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Another Issue Arose for E4

The episode of Married at First Sight UK which aired on Thursday, September 30th, encountered significant problems on E4.

Due to a technical fault, the channel aired a rerun of the season’s finale instead of what was scheduled to air.

E4 apologized for the issue in a tweet and stated:

“We apologize and are aware that tonight’s episode of #MAFSUK is yesterday’s episode. It’s all due to the persistent technical problems we’re working so hard to resolve. As soon as we learn more and when you can watch the final episode of MAFS UK, we’ll update this page.

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