Since the latest season of Elite is recently released, everyone is looking forward to knowing whether Carla Diaz is similar to her character or not.

Brazilian actress Carla Diaz was introduced in the fourth season of Elite and she played the character of Ariadna “Ari,” who was romantically linked with Guzmán (portrayed by Miguel Bernardeau), however, in between their relationship, Samuels (Itzan Escamilla) was attracted to Ari and wanted to be with her as well, but due to some circumstances, Ari ends up with no one.

Many of her fans were curious about whether or not she is in a relationship with someone, so we decided to provide an answer to the question about her current relationship status, so keep reading to know…

Who is Carla Diaz Dating?

Currently, Carla Diaz is not dating anyone and appears to be single for years. She keeps her life private, so if she has dated anyone in the past few years, then it was kept a secret between the two of them.

Even on her Instagram, the 31-year-old actress never hinted anything about her relationship. On the other hand, she has developed great bonds with her fellow cast members, and she finds great pleasure in spending time with them.

Meanwhile, when the fifth season of The Elite came to an end, there were reports circulating that Carla Diaz is dating Itzan Escamilla. But, this turned out to be nothing more than a hoax.

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Are Carla Diaz and Itzan Escamilla Dating in Real Life?

Is Carla Diaz Dating?

No, both Carla nor Itzan aren’t dating each other, although they both are good friends and enjoy a good time with each other. Many of their admirers wanted to see each other together, but both of them spoke a word about any of their romantic links.


Brazilian actress Carla Diaz and her character in the Spanish teen drama Elite are entirely different in their romantic lives. It’s quite strange to believe that Carla is enjoying her single life for years.

However, on the upcoming November 28, she is turning out to be 32 years old and hopefully, she will share some information about her private relationship or give some hints about her love affairs.

Elite season 6 is now streaming on Netflix.

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