The Hot or Not composite photo project on TikTok is gaining popularity as a brand-new trend for 2021.

Customers of TikTok can join in on the viral project by using a clean-out and a general composite picture photo. Here is a study that you might be interested in participating in…

The “Hot or Not” project is nothing particularly new in the world of social media. TikTok users have been making videos about rating different people on a scale of 1 to 10 or deciding whether or not they are “hot” or “not” for a very long time. However, TikTok’s Hot or Not composite photographs project hardly differs from the others.

What Is Tiktok’s Hot or Not Composite Images Trend?

‘Hot Or Not’ Composite Images Challenge

Users compare their faces to those of a composite image sheet that rates each face out of ten in the TikTok trend “Hot or Not” composite photos.

The composite picture is a combination of multiple faces. From one to ten, each is ranked.

For use in the TikTok trend, the image should be saved to your camera roll after being downloaded from Wikimedia Commons.

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How Is the “hot or Not” Tiktok Challenge Filtered?

The majority of TikTokers who participate in the challenge use the #shapeshifting filter and The Refreshments’ song “King of The Hill Theme.”

The text that many TikTok users have added to the films frequently shows their stated “rating” from the filter.

It appears that a male version of the “Hot or Not” composite image is still pending so that guys can participate in the challenge.

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How can you join the trend?

‘Hot Or Not’ Composite Images Challenge

Users must first download and save the aforementioned composite picture sheet in order to participate in the trend. The following actions are then possible:

  • Go to the “Discovery” tab in TikTok.
  • Type “Shape Shift” into the search field.
  • After locating the filter, select “Try this effect” and then tap the pink Record button next to the filter.
  • Choose the “composite image sheet” that has been saved in the phone’s gallery, then record it with the camera pointed at your face.

The filter will display a countdown to three before fusing the face with one of the college’s images.

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No matter how many times a face is used, it always chooses the same image. So, regrettably, attempting again for a higher score is not an option.

Users chose The Refreshments’ King of The Hill Theme as the trend’s unofficial soundtrack because the filter does not come with a built-in sound.

When posting these TikTok videos, hashtags like #shapeshifter and #hotornot are commonly used. Men are using collages of various male faces to achieve the same effect as the trend’s image, which only displays female faces.

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