Trends on TikTok propagate quite quickly. Before you know it, everyone is trying it out. One person copies another, and then another duplicates them. But occasionally, trends emerge that you wish had never come about in the first place.

The Old Grannies trend has exactly produced that result. Everyone is being duped into performing a Google search that yields unsettling results because someone thought it would be hilarious to do so.

What the TikTok Old Grannies craze is about

The Senior Grannies The TikTok craze started in 2020, but it has recently become more popular on the platform. Users of TikTok are reportedly asking their friends and family to Google the term “Old Grannies” in order to find some strange or revealing pictures of the elderly.

Since the TikTok meme is so vulgar, several users who fell for the hoax have cautioned other users by writing that they “regret” searching the word.

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But many TikTok commenters have avoided the trend’s wrath because of the search parameters some of them have set up.


Two of the trend’s most well-liked videos come from TikToker, with over 2 million views each from @McPlayGT and @marquaythegoat.

I know everyone here went on safari and looked it up, one commenter @dxvrek wrote on @marquaythegoat’s video.

I almost looked it up, but I decided against it after reading the comments because some described it as frightening.

Maybe you should avoid this section of the internet the next time you’re browsing.

Social media user reactions

Following the TikTok craze’s widespread adoption, many people have turned to Twitter to argue against the wisdom of searching for “ancient grannies” on Google.

One Twitter user urged people not to search for “old grandparents” on Google or visit images, repeating the advice. You are to be damned, TikTok.

Another person responded, “Okay, so I saw this TikTok and whatever you do, just don’t search up elderly grannies on pictures,” while still another said, “Okay.”

Do you remain enthusiastic? Okay, we will describe what happens when you look for it.

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Why Do Old Grannies Have Such a Following on TikTok?

TikTok Old Grannies Meme

Because there is so much hatred and suffering in the world, people will seize any opportunities for fun that come their way.

Old Granny grasped the opportunity when it presented itself, and despite being 94 years old, she still managed to show the world what she was capable of.

As opposed to the rest of the globe, it is obvious that Chinese senior people are far older than average. In the event that you keep up with her on Tiktok, you won’t notice that she is 94 years old despite appearing much younger.

She is making a lot of videos with her grandson that will wow people, and even if you don’t use Tiktok often, you’ll love her.

TikTok Old Grannies Meme

She can be found if you use her TikTok handle, and she will wow you. Since she is a new sensation on the Tik Tok market, where she plays the principal elderly woman, her supporters claim to adore her. This comedian is also said to be extraordinary. She is a phenomenal sensation, according to many, and stunning addition to the Tik Tok family.

The regular parody recordings on Tiktok did not exactly impress people. where people were engaging in numerous activities that were bad for both children and adults. The tapes contained a large number of extremely explicit passages.

People think that this Granny is the one to choose if they want to switch to a different form of entertainment for this reason. You can get an idea of how popular she is by looking at the number of her followers on Tiktok.

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What Comes up When You Google “old Grannies”?

We’ll tell you what happens when you type “old grannies” into Google if you’re truly curious.

Hundreds of graphic images of senior citizens are returned by the search query. These are seriously X-rated photographs, and we don’t just mean a little bit revealing.

You have been forewarned.

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