Looking back on 2020, a lot of people found themselves spending more time at home than before.

Inevitably, many people were forced to start new interests and engage in activities they normally wouldn’t do—or at least, wouldn’t do as frequently. Riddles were a saving grace, but maybe more surprisingly, so were things like gardening, cooking, and binge-watching TV box sets.

Some people made the decision to post riddles and puzzles on social media, with some of them proving to be especially well-liked.

The riddles fad is still going strong, and one just gained attention. Let’s get to the bottom of the “You are asleep and you are hungry” riddle explanation.

Riddle if You’re Hungry and Sleeping

One of the most perplexing riddles on the internet for a while now is the “you are asleep and you are hungry” one. The solution to you’re hungry and sleeping conundrum may be found below, along with an explanation.

Puzzles and riddles are fun for everyone to solve. On the internet and social media recently, that is what took place. Nerds, geeks, and pretty much everyone else who enjoys a good puzzle had to face the “you are sleeping and you are a hungry riddle.”

You Are Sleeping And You Are Hungry

You must use your creativity to come up with the right response before we reveal it to you below.

Here are the solutions to the You’re asleep and you’re hungry and other WhatsApp riddles that were discussed above.

  • Your Vision
  • Grandma Is Here.
  • Thunder
  • A Lunar Eclipse
  • ‘What’

The identical two eggs were broken, fried, and consumed.

Mr. Harry formerly had children, but now he doesn’t.

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This Riddle Could Have One of Two Different Solutions:

You Are Sleeping And You Are Hungry

The first possible solution to the “you are sleeping and you are hungry puzzle” is Your eyes.


You definitely need to wake up first before you go to the kitchen and start nibbling or even before you do anything. and your eyes will be the first thing you open in order to take in your surroundings. You’ll then be opening the door to your bedroom in order to exit, and then you’ll be doing the same with the fridge.

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People frequently fall for the tactic of saying, “I’ll open the fridge first to eat since I’m hungry.” In order to confuse you and get you to concentrate on which food item you’ll reach first to build a snack, the developer of the riddle specified the contents of the container (butter, cheese, and baloney). The riddle is considerably easier and simpler than that, though.

The fridge is the “you are sleeping and you are hungry puzzle answer,” according to ANSWER 2.


Your name is “sleeping” since you are sleeping. Therefore, the “sleeping” person is not sleeping and is instead hungry. Therefore, the refrigerator opens its doors before you do.

The “u r asleep and hungry riddle answer,” though, varies depending on who is posing the query. Your eyes will likely be the first organ to open, according to some riddles. However, if this is the correct response to the riddle, it is an easy riddle, which is neither enjoyable nor challenging.

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Some claim that it is impossible to reach the refrigerator with closed eyes, however, that is untrue. Blind people have the ability to constantly open refrigerators.

Nevertheless, the most likely explanation is that your name is “sleeping” because the statement begins, “You are sleeping.” In this puzzle, it is stated that your name is “sleeping” rather than what you are doing.

So, the refrigerator is the solution.

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