Doctor Who is a British science fiction television program that has been shown on the BBC since 1963. The Doctor, an extraterrestrial that appears to be human, is a Time Traveler whose exploits are followed in the television series.

Jodie Whittaker became the first female Doctor on television in 2017 and one of thirteen actresses to take on the role since William Hartnell made his debut. The narrative of the program includes a change in actors in keeping with the idea of rebirth into a new shape.

The studio is reportedly seeking to revive the show, and Tom Holland is their top pick to play The Doctor, according to DoctorWhotv. With an official press statement from the studio, the website broke the news.

Tom Holland and this news started trending on social media shortly after that. When the news broke, fans were ecstatic because they would finally get to watch their favorite actor in Doctor Who.

The New Doctor Who: Tom Holland

Who Is the New Doctor Who, Tom Holland

Even though the pranking era has long since passed, many of the most famous antics are being shared on social media.

In addition to Walkers’ new “Sandwich Crisps” product and Deliveroo’s announcement that all pineapple pizzas will be banned, there are yet other recent announcements.

To the disappointment of many, it was discovered that Tom Holland’s purported appointment as the new Doctor Who was a cruel April Fool’s hoax.

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The actor who plays Spider-Man, Tom Holland, was announced as the new Doctor Who on April 1.

It all began with a phony news story posted on the DoctorWhoTV website, which features updates on the British science fiction program.

It Is Given Away in Those Fake Interviews.

The story looked really credible and was at the top of Google, and it was quite persuasive. before you read it.

If you weren’t already aware that the entire situation was a hoax, the bogus interviews were definitely a giveaway.

I’m beyond thrilled to be hanging up my web slingers and picking up the sonic, Tom Holland reportedly told DoctorWhoTV. I can’t wait to lead an entirely new generation on this fascinating trip across time and space. Soon I’ll be swinging into action!

Who Is the New Doctor Who, Tom Holland

Webslingers? choosing the sonic? Acting with force? In an interview for big news, Tom most definitely wouldn’t make these corny puns.

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It is also reported that David Tennant answered, “Yes, it’s true. Just as the rumors suggested, I’m actually here for this last hurrah. “I am absolutely NOT playing the buddy,” Andrew Garfield further clarified.

Although the entire thing is a lie, it succeeded in fooling many social media users, many of whom believed Tom Holland would actually replace the current Doctor Who.

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