Many fans, especially female fans, adore Korean dramas and anime programs. They enjoy watching anime series because it makes them feel as if they are inside the story and the main female characters.

So, in this post, we’ll discuss one of the animated programs whose first season concluded with the makers swiftly announcing a second season, i.e. season 2 of Bofuri.

This cartoon drama differs from other anime dramas in that it is a game series in which the main protagonist is not a perfectionist of the online video game and does not know how to play games.

However, as we progress through the first season of Bofuri, which is based on the novel Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, Kaede Honjou learns to play the game and also knows how to control her powers, putting her character Maple in the the third place.

Many fans enjoy the series because it differs from video games in that in other animes when other characters enter a game that is only seen on television and not in real life, they are experts in it, whereas, in this drama, the main character chosen or created by the writers is a normal person or girl who doesn’t like to play games and has no idea how to play in it, but when she begins to play, she can’t control her powers to stay alive and uses her coins or points as a shredder

So it’s a charming and cute narrative with fantastic characters that premiered on January 8, 2020, and will run until March 25, 2020. The first season consists of 12 episodes that are shown on AT-X, ABC, Tokyo MX, TVA, and BS11, as well as Netflix. Now everyone is wondering when they will get the drama.

Bofuri Anime Season 2

Let’s move on to season 2 of Bofuri, a cute animated series, to learn about its renewal status, release date, cast, plot, and trailer.

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Bofuri Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of season 1 was released on January 8, 2020, with the title Defense and First Battle. Audiences were already anticipating the second episode of this beautiful little anime series, which has a total of 12 episodes and ended on March 4, 2020, with the title Defence and Bonds. The audience was taken aback since, unlike previous anime shows, the season’s renewal date was revealed so quickly.

Most time series require a long time to renew, often years, but that is not the case with Bofuri. And occasionally anime programs have a hard time getting through season one, let alone season two. During the final episode of Season 1, the renewal date for Bofuri was announced. Bofuri Season 2 is expected as released on 17, Sep 2022.

Who Is Cast in ‘Bofuri’ Season 2?

Bofuri Anime Season 2

In the Japanese dub version of ‘Bofuri,’ Kaede Hondo is the voice of Maple. In the English dub, Megan Shipman portrays the character. If the anime is renewed for a second season, we expect the two to reprise their roles.

The following is a list of prospective English dub cast members for Season 2.

  • Risa (Jas Saxton)
  • Kaede is portrayed by Megan Shipman.
  • Kasumi (Tia Linn Ballard)
  • Monica Rial in the role of Dorazou
  • Anthony Bowling in the role of Kuromu
  • Sara Ragsdale in the role of May
  • Administrator: Sonny Strait
  • Lindsay Siedel in the role of Frederica
  • Administrator Luci Christian
  • Ben Phillips has been appointed as Administrator.
  • As Administrator, Kaedo Hondo
  • Caitlin Glass in the role of Iz
  • Mike Farland in the role of Dread
  • Administrator David Wald
  • Administrator Kylie Stewart

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What Will Be the Plot of Season 2 of Bofuri?

Bofuri Anime Season 2

Maple Tree is one of the last teams standing in the “Bofuri” Season 1 finale of NewWorld Online’s latest community event. In an epic battle with team Holy Sword, Maple Tree’s limits are tested.

In the end, it’s just Maple and Payne. Despite the fact that Payne has managed to pull Maple to the edge of death, Maple still has an ace in the hole in the form of her Atrocity form.

Maple Tree uses her most recent OP ability to help eliminate the last powerful guild, delivering a victory for another team the Flame Emperors, and a respectable third place for Maple Tree. The event is over, and Maple throws a celebration for everyone including adversaries.

While the anime hasn’t revealed what happens next for Maple and her friends, we do know that Silver Link has plenty of material to work with. Despite substantial differences in the anime, manga, and original novels, “Bofuri” remains largely faithful to its canon in all three.

In addition, all other adaptations of the story have made great progress, with the anime’s first season-ending at Volume 4 of the light novel’s 12 volumes (via Kadokawa Books).

While no official English explanation for the events of “Bofuri” exists, fans may expect to see Maple goofball her way to success in NewWorld Online’s virtual reality dream environment. Season 2 of “Bofuri” will be plenty of delightful moments and laughs.

Bofuri Season 2 Trailer

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