Rosacea has been the subject of numerous dating speculations since the release of her 2019 single “Con Altura.”

Despite being connected to everyone from Bad Bunny to J Balvin in the media, the 29-year-old singer has kept her relationship status a secret… until now.

Rosacea revealed that she is dating Puerto Rican rapper Rauw Alejandro in an Instagram picture. Rosacea captioned the photo with “Bliss” after the pair spent her 29th birthday playing video games together.

Who Is Rosalia?

Rosalia is a singer-songwriter from Spain. She develops her passion for music at a young age. She received her bachelor’s degree in music from Catalonia College of Music.

Who Is Rosalia Dating

Her first hit single was released in the year 2019. She worked with J Blavin on this single. It sells around seven million copies. It’s also been named the best song of the year by Billboard.

Rosalia achieves a lot of success as a result of this song. Her list of accolades is extensive. She has received the following honours throughout her career.

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Are Rosalía and Rauw Still Dating?

Rosala and her lover, Rauw Alejandro, are having a blast. They were spotted out on a romantic date night in Los Angeles lately. They were discovered just hanging out on March 2, 2022.

Rauw Alejandro Has Been Showing His Love For Rosala Since 2018.

Rosala is primarily recognized for her contemporary interpretations of flamenco music. She published her first album of ancient flamenco music in 2017.

Since then, it appears that Ral Ocasio Ruiz, better known by his stage as Rauw, has been her main supporter. Fans flocked to social media after learning about their relationship to show how much Rauw adores Rosala.

Rauw tweeted “RAUW X ROSALA” in 2018, along with a slew of side-eye emojis. “I have a thing on Rosala,” he confessed to MoluscoTV in 2019.

Everyone knew how much he liked Rosala by 2020, but that didn’t stop him from gushing about her again in an interview with Latin TV star Tony Dandrades.

“I’m not going to lie, I believe Rosala is the most gorgeous lady on the planet,” he remarked at the time, adding that he was trying everything he could to garner her attention.

In 2020, the couple collaborated on a song called “Dile an Él,” which translates to “inform him.”

Since 2018, Rauw Alejandro has been expressing his feelings for Rosala.

Rosala, who is widely known for her contemporary flamenco interpretations, released her first album of flamenco classics in 2017.

Who Is Rosalia Dating

Since then, Rauw (actual name: Ral Ocasio Ruiz) appears to have been her main supporter. Following the announcement of their relationship, admirers took to social media to show how much Rauw adores Rosala.

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“RAUW X ROSALA” was tweeted in 2018 with a slew of side-eye emojis, and in a 2019 interview with MoluscoTV, he admitted, “I have a crush on Rosala.”

His feelings for Rosala were well-known by 2020, but that didn’t stop him from gushing about her again in an interview with Latin TV personality Tony Dandrades.

“I’m not going to lie, Rosala is the most gorgeous lady I’ve ever seen,” he stated at the time, before adding that he had tried all he could to grab her attention.

In 2020, the couple collaborated on a song called “Dile an Él,” which translates to “inform him.”

After all of Rauw’s seeming accolades, the two are now officially an item. Fans noticed the two were posting images from the same residence in March 2020, and even spotted Rauw’s automobile in one of Rosala’s photos.

Rosala and Rauw didn’t announce the news to their fans on Instagram until September 2021.

“Even when the sun sets, the day never ends with you,” Rauw wrote his first Instagram photo with Rosala. Since then, the couple has posted countless PDA photos on social media, which fans have adored. Rosala’s tweet of the duo vacationing together drew a heart-eye emoji from Kylie Jenner.

It’s so sweet!

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Did Rosalía Ever Date Bad Bunny?

Who Is Rosalia Dating

In 2019, the public began to believe Rosala and Bad Bunny were dating after seeing incredibly cute photos of the two singers on Instagram, one of which Bad Bunny commented, “Creo que me enamoré,” or “I believe I fell in love,” in Spanish.

Rosala, on the other hand, has denied dating the Conejo M alo, telling Entertainment Tonight at the time, ” “He’s a good friend of mine. He’s a good pal.”

After all, Bad Bunny is still seeing his alleged fiancée, Gabriela Berlingheri, who made news in August 2020 when she tweeted a video of herself dancing along to a catchy melody in a car, and people were eager to zoom in on the huge diamond she was wearing on her left hand.

The couple first appeared on the red carpet in September 2021, just days before Rosala published her first post with Rauw.

So, now that Rosala and Rauw are Instagram official, it appears as if we can finally put those dating rumours to rest!

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