Twitter users have filled the site with humorous posts as the trend “Drake the kind of fella” has returned.

Every now and then, users of social media decide to revive an old meme and make it into a trend.

Drake, a Canadian rapper, and producer, is the object of arbitrary and made-up jokes about his character and habits.

The top 20 memes that we found on Twitter are shown below.

What Do You Mean by The “Drake the Type of Fella” Meme?”

As the name implies, the “Drake the sort of man” joke is a popular trend in which individuals communicate illogical and entirely fabricated facts about the musician.

Fans of Drake who are reading this probably already know about the viral memes because they have been around for a while. Valium

In essence, people refer to Drake as “the type of fella” or “the type of dude” and make jokes about him doing everything from leaping into someone’s arms when he is terrified to the guy who claps when the plane lands.

We’ve compiled some of the funniest jokes that have been shared on Twitter by users.

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The Top 20 Drake the Type of Fella Memes

Drake is the kind of person who will run into their arms when he feels afraid.

The drake-like guy who applauds when the plane touches down.

Drake is the kind of person who chills out his soup in the fridge before eating it.

Drake is the sort of guy who will bring his Bible to a study session.

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Drake is a man who will force you to choose a color.

View more of the memes we’ve accumulated.

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Also in Drake News

Other Drake news includes the rapper shocking his followers by being spotted hanging out with YouTuber Logan Paul.

Drake and Logan appeared to be in a club or nightclub in a Friday Instagram Story in which they were seen standing close to one another.

Many were stunned, but this wasn’t their first encounter.

The two had pals in common before they met two years ago in a bar.

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