Oasis Season 2 is a highly anticipated ​South Korean television series that has captivated audiences with its unique blend of drama, mystery, and romance. With an intriguing storyline and captivating characters, the ​K-drama has left viewers eagerly awaiting its next installment.


In this article, we will delve into the world of Oasis Season 2 and explore the major aspects of the series, including the characters and anticipated plot developments.

Main Characters of Oasis Season 2

One of the highlights of Oasis Season 2 is its talented ensemble cast. The main characters bring the story to life with their captivating performances.

Main Characters of Oasis Season 2

Here are the key actors and their roles:

  1. ​Lee Doo-hak (​Jang Dong-yoon): Lee Doo-hak, the son of a farmer from a quiet village in Yeosu, is a central character in Oasis Season 2. Jang Dong-yoon flawlessly portrays Doo-hak’s journey as he navigates the challenges of the remote colony on the distant planet Oasis.
  2. ​Oh Jung-shin (​Seol In-ah): Seol In-ah portrays the confident and honest Oh Jung-shin, also known as Sophia. Her strong-willed character fights against injustice, adding depth and intensity to the series.
  3. ​Choi Chul-woong (​Choo Young-woo): Choo Young-woo portrays Choi Chul-woong, Doo-hak’s childhood friend-turned-rival. Chul-woong is an intelligent and competitive individual, contributing to the complex dynamics within the series.

Oasis Season 1 Recap

“Oasis” Season 1 unfurls as a poignant coming-of-age drama centered around a trio of friends caught in the intricacies of a love triangle. Neighbors Du-hak and Cheol-woong, who share a brotherly bond, find their friendship tested when they both fall for the new girl, Jung-shin. However, a fateful incident sends Du-hak to prison, forever indebting Cheol-woong.

Oasis Season 1 Recap

As time elapses and paths diverge, fate reunites them as Du-hak is released from incarceration. A web of circumstances transforms Du-hak into a thug, leveraging a dangerous secret to emotionally manipulate Cheol-woong. Meanwhile, Jung-shin endeavors to make her mark in the film industry, but the echoes of the past persistently intertwine her life with the two young men.

Oasis Season 1 Recap

While “Oasis” Season 1 paints a vivid canvas of complex emotions and shifting destinies, as of now, the show has not secured renewal for a second season. Despite the changing landscape of K-drama formats, with rare exceptions like “Penthouse” and “Taxi Driver,” the prospect of “Oasis” Season 2 remains uncertain, particularly considering the rarity of KBS K-drama sequels. Thus, fans await news with anticipation, yet acknowledge the current industry trends that might impact the show’s continuation.

Anticipated Plot Developments

While concrete details about the anticipated plot developments in Oasis Season 2 are scarce, we can make speculative assumptions based on the first season and general expectations. Here are some potential plot developments that fans might look forward to:

  1. Resolution of the Cliffhanger: The first season concluded with a dramatic moment, as one of the main characters, Doo-hak, was shot. Season 2 could explore the aftermath of this event, including whether Doo-hak survives and the consequences it has on the other characters.
  2. Character Development: It is likely that Season 2 will delve deeper into the lives and backgrounds of the main characters. Viewers can expect to learn more about their motivations, past traumas, and how they navigate the challenging circumstances they find themselves in.
  3. Exploration of Relationships: Relationships play a significant role in Oasis Season 2. The second season could further develop friendships, romantic entanglements, and conflicts that arise between the characters, adding layers of depth and intensity to the storyline.
  4. Unveiling New Mysteries: Oasis Season 1 had its fair share of suspense and mysteries. Season 2 might introduce new plotlines, secrets, and twists to keep the audience engaged. This could involve further exploration of the desert setting, encounters with new characters, or the revelation of hidden agendas.
  5. Themes of Revenge and Conflict: The search results indicate that Oasis explores themes of fierce love, revenge, and conflict among young people. Season 2 could continue to explore these themes, potentially introducing new conflicts and power struggles between characters, increasing the stakes and tension.

It is important to note that these plot developments are speculative and based on general expectations. Without official announcements or detailed synopses, it is challenging to provide precise details for Oasis Season 2.

Where To Watch Oasis Season 2?

Oasis aired on KBS2 from March 6 to April 25, 2023. It is available to stream on Netflix in South Korea.

Where To Watch Oasis Season 2?

However, Netflix does not have streaming rights for Oasis in other regions. So, if you are outside of South Korea, you can watch Oasis on the following platforms:

  • Viki: This streaming service has a free tier with ads, or you can subscribe to a premium plan to watch ad-free.
  • Viu: This streaming service is available in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and India. It has a free tier with ads, or you can subscribe to a premium plan to watch ad-free.


Oasis Season 2 promises to be an enthralling continuation of the popular K-drama series. With its talented cast, intriguing storylines, and a mix of drama, mystery, and romance, viewers can expect to be captivated once again.

While specific details remain under wraps, fans eagerly await the resolution of the cliffhanger and the further development of the characters and their relationships. The anticipation for Oasis Season 2 is high, and viewers are excited to embark on another thrilling journey to the distant planet Oasis.

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