Once again Kanye posted something that disappointed his fans. This time he directly strikes at Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

It all started just a few hours after West said on Thursday that he would hand over his Twitter account to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who is still banned from the platform following Musk’s takeover.

Kanye wrote: “Let’s always remember this as my final tweet #ye24.” The tweet was attached with a picture of Musk getting splashed with water from behind as he was standing at a yacht’s staircase.

Just a couple of minutes before, Ye tweeted: “Well everyone We had a nice run Jesus is King,” with some purposeful images. The images also contained alleged text messages between the rapper and the Twitter CEO.

Kanye Takes a Dig at Elon Musk As He Quits Twitter

Six minutes before West exposed the texts to the public, at 10.28 p.m., Musk reportedly texted:  “Sorry, but you have gone too far. This is not love.  Frustrated West responded to the text immediately writing “Who made you the judge?”

Interestingly, the tweet was removed from Twitter after some time as it violated Twitter Rules, but @KEEMSTAR took the screenshot of the drama and publicized the tweet once again.

The alleged text from Musk was in response to an offensive photo posted by West that depicted a hateful symbol with the caption “YE24 Love everyone #LoveSpeech.” That tweet has also been taken down by Twitter.

Kanye Takes a Dig at Elon Musk As He Quits Twitter

Earlier on Thursday, West posted a printed screenshot of a tweet from his account that said: “I love the first amendment! Long live Ye! I pray to Jesus that Elon is for real …”

Whereas, Musk steadily responded “Jesus taught love, kindness, and forgiveness. I used to think that turning the other cheek was weak & foolish, but I was the fool for not appreciating its profound wisdom.”

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