Chrisean Rock was carried out in a recent interview on No Jumper’s Sharp Tank, as shown in the video clip below. Blueface has commented on the incident.

Blueface posted on Twitter about Chrisean’s outburst during his interview, her present mental state, and the possibility that alcohol played a role early on Friday morning (Jan. 20).

“Alcohol isn’t her problem,” Tweeted the “Thotiana” rapper. “Her mentality is her problem. All of you people on here making excuses for a lack of self-control and irrational behavior is contributing to the problem. #Accountability.”

He continued in a separate tweet: “When she displays this type of irrational behavior on Baddies or Blue Girls Club, you guys applaud and cheer but when it’s a different setting and it doesn’t look as good you guys want it to be, [it’s] everybody else faults. This is how she carries herself with or without me.”

After being dragged out of a recent interview with Blueface, Chrisean Rock protested his removal.

The latest interview with hip-most hop’s explosive pair aired on No Jumper’s Sharp Tank with Sharp and Gina Views on Thursday night (Jan. 19). The conversation, which is more like an interrogation, quickly turns tense as Chrisean repeatedly defends herself after taking offense at being called out for her conduct. Chrisean is consuming straight Hennessy, which further heightens her feelings of emotion.

After around 30 minutes, she makes a drunken attempt to engage in some physical contact with Blueface, but he pulls her away. They argue off-camera as they both leave the set. A short while later, Blueface returns without Chrisean. She is still yelling in protest. Then he suggests that Chrisean be taken out of the structure by security.

Blueface adds, “Y’all got security in here, y’all best call ’em,” at 32:50 into the conversation. “You guys need to take her outside. Quickly deploy the security.

“Y’all got security in here, y’all better call ’em,” Blueface says at the 32:50 mark of the interview. “Y’all gotta put her outside. Get the security quick.”

The security man attempting to take Chrisean from the premises lifts her off the ground as Blueface departs the interview room. As Chrisean is dragged out kicking and screaming, she protests being handled and kicks a TV.

“Why are you doing that? she cries as she’s being carried outside. “Blue! Why are you doing that for?”

Chrisean Rock

The interview is then continued by Blueface. About an hour later, Chrisean returns to the interview and observes for a while before commenting.

She asks, “Why did you let him throw me out?”

Blueface responds, “Bro, you were spazzing.”

Another lengthy argument ensues as a result of this. Finally, sane judgment wins out, and the interview is concluded politely.

This is merely one of several outrageous incidents involving the pair that have been made public, and it most likely won’t be the last.


Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s recent interview on No Jumper’s Sharp Tank became tense and ended with Chrisean being removed by security after a drunken outburst.

Blueface commented on the incident on Twitter, blaming her behavior on her mentality and lack of self-control, and stressing the importance of accountability. The incident is just one of several controversial moments involving the pair that have been made public.

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