U.S.-based televangelist and con artist James Bakker is the man behind “The Jim Bakker Show,” a program largely concerned with biblical prophecy.

Minneapolis’ North Central University was where Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye LaValley first crossed paths in 1960. Upon first meeting her, he was completely smitten. They were both converted in April of 1961 and went on to become itinerant ministers.

Traveling the length of the United States, they finally decided to call North Carolina home. Hosts of the late-night conversation show The PTL Club from 1974 to 1987.

Is Jim Bakker Still Alive?

Ex-wife Tammy Faye passed away in 2007. In 1960, Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye LaValley met each other at Minnesota’s North Central University. The two hit it off immediately and were wed in April of 1961. They dropped out of school to become traveling preachers and ended up in North Carolina. There, they first aired The PTL Club, the notorious late-night talk show.

Jim’s ministry ended in 1987 after a series of scandals, including allegations of sexual misconduct and the failure of a religious theme park called Heritage USA. The controversies surrounding Jim and his family did not abate despite this, and in 1985, a confidential report by the IRS revealed that the Bakkers had used $1.3 million in ministry funds for “personal benefit” between the years 1980 and 1983.

The PTL Club and Jim were eventually charged with fraud for selling “lifetime memberships” to customers for $1,000 each, with each buyer promised a three-night stay each year at a luxury hotel that was never built by Heritage USA. Eight counts of mail fraud, fifteen counts of wire fraud, and one count of conspiracy were brought against Jim in 1988. His original sentence was 45 years in prison after he was found guilty on all 24 counts.

A new sentencing hearing for Jim was held in 1991, and his sentence was reduced from life in prison to eight years with the possibility of parole after serving only five. He owed the IRS $4 million when he was released from prison in 1994. Jim and Tammy Faye divorced in 1992, and he remarried a woman named Lori upon his return to television in 2003. Morningside Church Productions Inc. has been airing Jim’s show, The Jim Bakker Show, on a daily basis since 2003.

Although he had a stroke in May 2020, shortly after his latest controversy, The Jim Bakker Show Instagram revealed that Bakker is still very much alive and well today. Jim’s latest legal battle involved false claims about coronavirus treatments.

What happened to Jim Bakker?

is jim bakker still alive

Soon after he was released, he went back to work. Bakker began broadcasting The Jim Bakker Show live from Studio City Cafe in Branson, Missouri every day in 2003. He and his current wife, Lori, hosted this show on television.

CTN, Daystar, Folk TV, Grace Network (Canada), Hope TV (Canada), Impact Network, TCT Network, WGN, WHT, The Word Network, Uplift TV, and living networks all broadcast this. After Jerry Crawford’s marriage was saved by Bakker, Crawford invested $25 million in Bakker’s new ministry, Morningside, in Blue Eye, Missouri.


James Bakker Is Still Alive. Although He Had a Stroke in May 2020, Shortly After His Latest Controversy.

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