Although Mike Tyson first gained notoriety in the boxing arena, the retired fighter has now transcended himself into a household name.

Tyson has led, to put it mildly, an intriguing existence. The boxer has shared another remarkable story from his life in which, after taking a psychoactive substance more usually known as toad poison, he was able to rise from the dead.

Tyson claimed in an interview with the New York Post that the event taught him that everyone has a finite lifespan. Tyson said to the New York Post, “I passed away during my first trip.”

“I have discovered that death is wonderful on these journeys. Death has a very horrible reputation, but life and death must be beautiful. I’ve learned from the toad that I won’t live forever. There is a date of expiration.

The fighter continued by saying that in order to learn more, he was experimenting with toad poison while also using other narcotics like cocaine.

Because I was doing powerful narcotics like cocaine, Tyson said, “I figured why not?” I was a catastrophe before I tried the toad, so this is another dimension.

What Is Toad Poison?

Mike Tyson

The Bufus Alvarius toad, often known as the Colorado River toad in the United States, is a hallucinogenic substance that is found in northern Mexico and southwestern US states. To cause an altered state of consciousness, the drug is utilized.

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