Celebrating with those we hold dearest is at the heart of the holiday season. Many households have one or more members who are educators. We’ve compiled 5 beautiful poems and some truly thoughtful gift options to help you express your gratitude to that one exceptional teacher for everything they do.

1. Deck the School Halls

happy holidays to teachers

Deck the School Halls:

Deck the school halls with boughs of holly.
Fa la la -la la- la la la la
May your holidays be bright and jolly.
Fa la la -la la – la la la la
Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Wish your favorite teacher a fantastic holiday with this classic and poignant poem.

2. Unique as a Snowflake Teacher Poem

happy holidays to teachers

Unique as a Snowflake:

Like a beautiful snowflake, you’re one of a kind.
A fantastic teacher to behold, an exceptional find.
Here’s hoping your holidays are extraordinary, too.
Incredible, wonderful, and special – like you!

Show your teacher just how much you appreciate them with this simple and sweet snowflake poem.

3. A Cup of Coffee on Me

happy holidays to teachers

A Cup of Coffee on Me:

The weather is turning colder,
there’s frost on the ground.
The holidays are great,
cheer is all around.

I wanted to take a second,
to thank you for teaching me.
I hope you enjoy your time off,
and a cup of coffee or tea!

Happy Holidays!

This is a great teacher appreciation poem to celebrate the season. It is fun to personalize with a gift card to your teacher’s favorite coffee shop or tea house.

4. Teachers are Like Candles

happy holidays to teachers

Teachers are like Candles:

A candle is like a teacher, who first provides the spark.
That kindles the love of learning, in children’s minds and hearts.
Like a burning candle, Teachers light the mind,
Enriching lives and futures, By the sharing of their time.
So when you light this candle, May its glow convey to you
Warm appreciation…For all the things you do.

Make sure to include a fragrant candle for your teacher. The poem/candle gift is not only a  thoughtful gesture but also something that your teacher can enjoy throughout the season.

5. A Fun Holiday Break

happy holidays to teachers

A Fun Holiday Break:

I’m a little snowman,
I have no hat.
You are my teacher,
and I like that.

When it’s time for winter break,
We just shout out:
“Open those doors
and let us out!”

It’s possible that this humorous poetry will resonate with teachers just as much as it does with their kids. This poem brilliantly encapsulates the joy of the holiday season and includes a few well-deserved compliments to the classroom instructors.

The time it takes to print one of these poems will be well worth the effort you put in to show your appreciation for your favorite educator. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and we thank you for all you do as an educator.




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