It looks like we now have a confirmed year for the release of Travis Scott’s upcoming studio album “Utopia,” which he has been teasing for a few years. Travis will release his highly anticipated album and will also go on tour in support of it in early 2023, according to a post that he liked.

It will be his fourth studio album released on both Cactus Jack Records and Epic Records and the album’s title was initially revealed in early 2020. Also, this will be his first endeavor since “Astroworld.”

Astroworld was Travis’s third studio album, which was released on August 3, 2018. His album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

Scott’s performance in London, which followed his UTOPIA billboard stunt at Coachella in April, was only the start of his homecoming tour. Since he is set to perform at multiple festivals in South America this autumn, the Houston rapper’s much-awaited album looks to be just around the corner.

Release date rumors were started earlier this year when a few billboards with the words “Looking for Utopia” emerged in California.

While the official confirmations about the release date of the album have yet to be made but through some rumors and internal sources, the earliest we may see is in March 2023.

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