Andrew Dominik has responded to the criticism that was made against his Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde for Netflix, which caused a significant rift in public opinion after its global debut in Venice.

The director stated at the Red Sea International Picture Festival in Saudi Arabia that American spectators had the most negative reactions to the film – “they hated the movie!” — and argued that when it came to legendary Americans like Monroe, all they wanted was a celebration.

“Nowadays, it’s necessary to portray women as powerful, and they want to remake Marilyn Monroe as an empowered woman.” “That’s what they’re looking for,” he explained. “And it irritates them if you don’t show them that.”

Andrew Dominik Reacts to the Ongoing 'Blonde' Backlash, Says "Americans Hated the Movie!"

Instead, he said that Blonde, in which Ana de Armas played Monroe, was accused of exploiting her.’

“Which is odd, considering she’s dead.” “The film makes no impact in any manner,” he remarked. “What they actually mean is that the film took advantage of their memories of her, their picture of her, which is understandable.”

“But that’s the entire point of the film. It’s attempting to use her life’s iconography to serve another purpose, to take things you’re acquainted with and turn the meaning inside out. But it is not what they want to see.”

Dominik, an Australian who grew up in the 1980s, said he was “really pleased” that Blonde had “outraged so many people.”

He also said that American films were becoming “more conservative,” as if they were bedtime stories in which everyone already knew every word and any change would elicit a reaction. “But I’m not interested in writing bedtime stories.”

Despite the outcry, Dominik claims that “tens of millions” of viewers viewed Blonde on Netflix.

The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news!

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