Siesta Key's  Juliette Porter.

Longtime Siesta Key star Juliette Porter is living the best time of her life and is definitely flying in the air being in love with Clark Drum.

What is Juliette Porter’s dating history?

Siesta Key’s star Juliette Porter has been in the news for a very long time for her dating and relationship rumors flooding all around.

Juliette Porter and Alex Kompothecras'.

Siesta Key’s Season 1 comprising of 18 episodes all together made the actress and her co-star Alex Kompothecras’ close and their love affair came in front. But unfortunately the physical violence and abuse was enough to make both of them apart and hence the fans heard the news of their breakup.

Later she was seen again hanging out with Alex but maybe destiny was not with her as Alex was found cheating on her.

Garrett Miller and Juliette Porter.

Afterall the heartbreak and rumours of her separation , the actress found a new love interests and was seen hanging out with Garrett Miller, during the end of season 2 of Siesta Key and it went on for quite some time.

Juliette Porter and Sam Logan

Next in line was Sam Logan from Siesta Key itself and couple were together for two years and called it a quits in August 2021 and later Juliette came out loud and shared their breakup news stating “You just have to put yourself first above what other people want from you,”

“I learned so much from this relationship with Sam and just this whole season,” Porter told E! News .”I think that you really have to put yourself first sometimes and focus on what’s important to you and what you want in your life and the values you want in a person that’s in your life”.

Robby Hayes and Juliette Porter

But Juliette’s fate was in the hands of their friends this time when they made her meet Bachelor Nation’s Robby Hayes at Stagecoach, Kelsey introduced her to Robby Hayes while she hung out with Corey Brooks and Kelsey Owens. Then after which the sparks between them started flying and soon they often started hanging out.

Juliette Porter’s Early life.

Juliette was born on the July 7,1997,Florida,USA.Presently,she is a 25 years young American actress, model and Social Media Influencer. Born to an American-French family her father ,Scott Porter ,is American and her mother, Fabienna Porter, is French. She has an older brother Colin Porter.

Juliette's brother Colin

Being a pet lover she has a very special Instagram account for her dog Charlie. As a young teen her parents supported her in the initial days of her career and guided her to reach the best level.
Julie graduated in 2015 and joined Florida State University. Juliette is also a singer and social media influencer. She owns and endorses her swimwear store known as JMP The Label and has also endorsed brands like DripJewelry.

Juliette Porter’s Social Media.

Screenshot 126 1

Being a buzzing star always covering the headlines, she has a full fledged fan base of a 817k followers on Instagram and 105.7k Twitter and is being active in posting a lot of about her her personal or professional life.

Screenshot 125

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Is Juliette dating Clark Drum?

Clark Drum

Clark Drum is a realtor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Clark loves to travel to new places and has uploaded various memories of him visiting major hotspots, Monte Carlo, Antigua, and Mykonos, Greece.
Clark Drum was born in 1993 and is from Florida. He is one of four children born to Christine Frei Drum and Kelly Drum and was raised in Fort Lauderdale. He graduated from St.Thomas Aquinas High School in 2012 and was a football player.

Screenshot 7 18

The actress was seen attending the wedding of her friend Madisson Hausburg and husband Ish Soto on October 2021.

Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto

“Such a fun night celebrating the love between @madissonhaus and @ishsoto1. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day”. Juliette is not shy about her romance with Clark and said it is an “amazing” relationship.

She also said, “He just wants to be with me … like, that’s all he cares about. He just wants to be happy; he doesn’t have a huge ego. I mean, he listens to me, he actually remembers things. He’s thoughtful. He’s just great.”.
She was seen at the premiere on May 2022 with Clark Drum stating out loud that they’re still going strong and are in love. Juliette also shared some amazing pictures with Clark during their trip to Nashville on May 14.


Juliette called Clark her “friend” while watching the episodes of Siesta Key together.

Juliette being in love with Clark.

She said, “From the moment we really met, we just never stopped talking. It was like we started dating from the moment we met,” she recalled. “I mean we’re together every weekend, we must be serious, but I think at the same time, we’re young and there’s no rush for us right now. We’re just focusing on being happy.”

Know more about her romance with Clark.

Juliette Porter’s dating history has always been the talk of the town. After dating on and off with the Siesta Key castmates, she found Clark Drum and now the couple has been together for eight months. Describing her relationship with Clark, Juliette said that it feels like “peace”.

the couple at their friends' wedding

After having a very rough dating history the actress has now landed into a relationship which is working perfectly for her and the fans can feel the warmth and glow she is carry and emits.

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