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This time our on-screen upbeat, perky, or hyper Cheri Oteri is not in the rumors because of her acting but her rumored plastic surgery. Many speculate whether the actress had gone through surgery.

Who is Cheri Oteri?

Cheri Oteri was born on September 19, 1962, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She grew up in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, graduating from Archbishop Prendergast High School, then moved to Los Angeles when she was 25, where she worked in Promotions for A&M records for 4 years and joined up with the Groundlings, an improv-sketch-based comedy group.


One night, a Saturday Night Live (1975) rep was in the audience and liked her, so she flew down to New York to audition, made it, and debuted on Sept. 9, 1995. Since then, she has appeared in many films and television shows as well as been featured in numerous magazines.

She is famous for her role on SNL as Arianna, the Spartans cheerleader wanna-be, who cheers with Craig, the male Spartans cheerleader wanna-be.

Cheri Oteri’s Family

Cheri Oteri has three siblings and her father, Thomas Oteri, was the founder and CEO of the music publishing company Of Music.

Cheri Oteri’s net worth

Cheri Oteri is the richest American comic actress who is supposed to have a net worth of $2. million and was on the list of the most famous comedians.

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She majorly earns from her films and her shows and her net worth includes her house, properties, her acting career.


Was Cheri Oteri a cheerleader in real?

will ferrell cheri oteri spartan snl 2015 billboard 650

When Cheri Oteri was a cheerleader in high school, she had no team spirit. Now it’s a case of having too much. That’s the premise of one of the most popular skits on Saturday Night Live and one that has helped catapult Ms. Oteri’s career.

Cheri Oteri’s plastic surgery

Speculations going all around that whether the actress had gone under the knife to stio her aging and make her look the same beautiful and attractive as she eas in her 20s and 30′

cheri oteri plastic surgery

Entering into the 60s has changed nothing about her despite the fact that she looks even slimmer and still holds the charm she possessed in her early days.

A woman entering her sixties and also working in Hollywood,it becomes obvious of not going under the knife in an attempt to keep her beauty intact.

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Cheri Oteri’s Botox and Facelift

Her fans have a very strong point that the actress has gone through multiple surgeries like Botox, Facelifts, Nosejob, and Eyelift. People believe that the plastic surgery that is responsible for making her look this young is Botox and facelift.

Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery 1

Botox is an anti-wrinkle injection that removes the wrinkles and lines of the face by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles whereas a facelift is a cosmetic procedure that is done to elevate the sagging tissue by tightening the skin of the face.

Her face is seen to have no wrinkles on her forehead, no saggy skin, and her cheeks also don’t look hollow which originally without a botox and facelift would have been shown.

Cheri Oteri’s Eyelift

Another thing is that Cheri Oteri has no crow’s eyes around her eyes. It is even noticeable that she has no wrinkles, eye sags, and filds.

Eyelift is the cosmetic procedure under which the skin around the eyes is tightened to fix the droopy look that comes with age.

Cheri Oteri’s Nosejob

People believe that the actress has definitely gone through a nose job. Her nose used to be much wider but now her nose looks a bit smaller and much more aligned. Though it has nothing to do with her looking young.

cheri oteri plastic surgery 2

However, Cheri Oteri has never admitted to having any plastic surgery. people do strongly feel but all these are mere speculations.

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